What are Chakras?

Chakra is an ancient Sanskrit word that translates to ‘wheel.’ These wheels represent the spinning vortex of energies laid out throughout the body of every living being on Earth, including Earth itself. All living beings have an internal system of connectivity where the body can communicate with itself and send messages throughout it. On a physical level, humans have the nervous symptom, just like trees have roots, and mushrooms have mycelium. The chakras communicate through an energetic system similar to the nervous system that connects to every part of the body, carrying information, through vibrations, and emitting frequencies. 

Just like all living beings have a magnetic field that surrounds it, each chakra has a magnetic field that connects to its surrounding organs. Our chakra system consists of 7 main chakras, each emanating a different frequency by vibrating at a different speed. These chakras are our connections to our energetic bodies that absorb what science calls subtle energy which can be translated and used on a cellular level to affect different physical aspects of the body. 

Although chakras can affect our physical body, they are by no means physical. Our aura is invisible. Tt has a very low density and does not manifest in our dimension therefore cannot be seen by the average naked eye. The physical body has a high density that manifests itself as a tangible, and visible. The chakras are right in between the density of the aura and body. They work as a connection between the two to bridge the gap with communication through energy and electrical charges. 

As we live our everyday life, just breathing, thinking, and performing regular functions we stimulate the movement of energy throughout our body through neurons, and nerve pathways. The brain itself works through various neurotransmitters that fire and wire electrical charges to create what we call thoughts, hence creating our consciousness. Chakras are energy centers that are connected to our consciousness that influence every aspect of our physical and energetic being. 

This is where the concept of you are what you think comes into play. The chakras are a direct link to our consciousness. It is what bridges our energetic and physical bodies. So our very thoughts are what influence every cell in the body. Our consciousness, our thoughts, how we think, and how we speak to ourselves are the cause of every effect that happens to us on a bodily and energetic level. By working on our chakras, and stimulating them into harmony, we can achieve a harmonious consciousness that will help in eliminating illness, and unblock any limitations we may face in our bodies.