Basic Science Behind Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is a lost practice. Like much of our ancient knowledge, it has been lost in time through wars, colonization, and deculturization. There are a rare few cultures that have had the knowledge passed down. Only in recent years has this knowledge made its way into mainstream practice and is now repopularized. Crystals are connected to Earth, and the elements of Earth, through using the collective vibrations of those elements crystals can emit vibratory frequencies. 

Everything in the universe can be broken down to matter, or a form of it. Matter as we know it is a form of energy. All matter is in constant vibration in order to create the energy that forms the matter. The energy of the matter is measured in vibratory frequencies. Hence, everything has a frequency that emits, creating its auric field. From a person, to a plant, an animal, a crystal, and even your chair or table. 

The different forms of matter are molecules, atoms, subatomic particles, quarks, and preons. The smallest forms known which are preons are so tiny that they are purely energetic. Some frequencies can be seen with the eyes like color, while others can only be heard with the ears like radio waves. Whereas other frequencies cannot be sensed by the 5 basic human senses. Just because a frequency is not detectable by humans it does not mean that it is non-existent. 

Albert Einstein proclaimed everything in life is vibration. Like sound waves, our thoughts resonate with the vibrations of everything that manifests into our physical reality. With that said, crystals work on the cellular level because that is where the vibrations of the body begins. When our vibratory rate falls out of harmony, we encounter illness. By bringing those vibrations back to normal functioning we begin to heal ourselves. So when we use crystals with intention, and direct their energy through our bodies we can begin to correct the body's frequency and heal ourselves. With the understanding of chakras and their various frequencies we can understand how to direct energies and use various crystals to correct different parts of the body. 

There was an experiment done on the formation of crystals by IBM scientist Marcel Vogel. As he observed crystals under a microscope he discovered that the crystal began to take the formation of anything that he was thinking about. This phenomenal discovery led him to hypothesize that the vibrations he emitted through thought determined the formation of the molecular structure of the crystal. He later proved that crystals, especially quartz, have the ability to store information through thoughts alone. Making crystals programmable. 

Crystals like humans, are made up of the same universal elements that make up everything in the universe; star dust. So as the magnetic field of the crystal interacts with the magnetic field of the human body, the crystal's vibrations begin to correct them and balance us at the cellular level. We are made of the same stuff, so our auras respond to one another. Nature is our best healer. 

Through the Earth's natural development, the crystal is formed over thousands or millions of years, in perfect structures. Crystals are the most natural structures in our world that have the lowest state of disorder. Due to this perfect natural formation, energy is able to flow in and out very easily. Making crystals one of the most powerful tools to aid in moving, and redirecting energy through the human body to be able to return them into a healthy state of homeostasis. 

When using crystals for healing, remember to always set an intention. Most crystals are quartz based meaning nearly all of them are programmable and can carry your energy and intention in them. Crystals usually vibrate at their own frequency, so by setting an intention with it you attune it to your own frequency and it begins to work on your energetic body to correct any wrongs. 

The energy of the crystal can begin to work on you by simply being within proximity of your auric field. It takes a person that is conscious, with an open heart to fully accept the healing vibrations of a crystal. Just like plants, crystals understand your intentions and know what your energy emits and its needs. A spiritual journey with the power of crystals by your side is a gem of a journey.