How to Cleanse your Crystals

Cleansing Your Crystals

Just as crystals release energy, they can also absorb energy. Some crystals deflect negative energy, while others absorb negative energy to protect the person that is carrying them. The crystals that absorb energies, or get overworked can affect the crystalline structure. This in turn will affect the energy emitted by the crystals. 

To return the crystal back to its natural vibration, it will need to be cleansed otherwise it would give off a very different energy. The cleansing process will help to release any absorbed energy from the crystal to bring back its original purity. When not cleansed, some crystals can have so much energy that they may even become harmful to the body or they will break, get fractured, or lost. There are six main methods to be able to cleanse your crystal. 

Saging or Smudging 

To smudge a crystal you can either use a smudge stick or a bowl of sage. Light it up and set an intention of cleansing the crystal. Hold the crystal directly above the smoke for at least 22-44 seconds. 


Moonlight is a pure light spectrum that gives off an energy cleansing vibration. It can not only cleanse the crystal, but can also cleanse your personal aura. The best time to use the moon to cleanse is during a full moon. You can either place it overnight or for a minimum for 4 hours. 


The rays from the sun give life and nourishment to a lot of life on Earth. This powerful energy source will charge up and reset the energy of your crystal. You can either leave the crystal on a window sill, in the car, or somewhere secure outside. Most effective if left out for the entire day, however upto 4 hours will do the job. The car is a great place because leaving it overnight will get some moon and sun light shooting into it. 


Placing a crystal in water can polarize the molecular structure of the crystal bringing the crystalline structure back to its normal form. This is the slowest method of cleansing a crystal, it can take up to 24 hours to fully clear. You can also place it in a jar of water, then on a window sill so that you can get the charging from the sun as well as the cleansing from the water. However, be weary that some crystals, like Selenite, cannot be placed in water otherwise they will begin to deteriorate or dissolve. You can however dissolve them intentionally to create a protection grid through evaporation. 

Other Crystals

Some crystals have such a high vibration that they can dispel any negative energy in their surroundings, including from crystals that they are next to. The most powerful crystals to do so are kyanite, selenite, and black tourmaline. Jewelry paired with this are great, or just having one of those crystals in your jewelry box to cleanse them when you are not wearing them. 

Bury in the Earth

Just as crystals come from the Earth, putting them back into the Earth will return them to their source. Thus refreshing them to their original energy.