Hypersthene Gemstone Uses & Crystal Healing Properties


  • Enhances Deep Meditation
  • Activates Psychic Abilities
  • Aids in Achieving Goals
  • Aligns your Highest Purpose
  • Elevates Consciousness
  • Relieves Stress & Anxiety
  • Aids in Achieving Inner Peace

Sometimes Hypersthene is also called Velvet Labradorite. It has an extremely deep golden, sometimes coppery silver shine that is almost holographic. Hypersthene is extremely gorgeous and very sought out for this reflective velvet-like appearance. The energy is definitely velvety with its calming, soothing vibration - almost like a cocoon of protection.  

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Root Chakra


Hypersthene is found in the same place as it's brother crystal, Labradorite, Labrador, Canda. Sometimes you will get very lucky with a specimen that has a matrix of Labradorite mixed with Hypersthene.


Hypersthene elevates consciousness so that we can realize solutions to any issues that present in life. It arranges energy in a way that is more organized. It is very helpful for feeling of anxiety, ADHD, hyperactive states or busy minds. It calms, grounds and protects. It will redirect energy in a more healthy manner. 

Hypersthene helps the user reflect and observe what is needed the most emotionally and physically. It is a potent token of promoting self-confidence, self-love, independence and strength. 


Hypersthene is an amazing stone for people who are recovering from illnesses, diseases or mental disorders. It is known as the "stone of rest" which will help revive the user from states of extreme exhaustion. This stone, much like Smoky Quartz will utilize a cloak of energy or invisibility field to allow for rest and recuperation. Hypersthene is a great stone for sleep disorders, enhancing deeper and more meaningful sleep states.


Hypersthene can assist the user in a variety of metaphysical ways. The best way to use Hypersthene is to meditate with it and set the intentions you desire. Place it beside your bed at night to gain the valuable attunements. Hypersthene is known for it's psychic powers as well, enhancing the vibrations in the auric field and chakra system. 

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