How Colors Affect Healing

Our chakras all vibrate at different optimal frequencies. They start at a lower vibration at the root, and increase their vibration as they make their way to the crown. That is why emotions like anger, need, lust, mistrust all stem from the lower chakras of lower vibrations. While emotions of love, understanding, compassion, and truth emit higher frequencies from the higher chakras. 

The root connects us to the vibration of Earth, it keeps us grounded. While the crown connects us to the divine energies of the universe, keeping us elevated. As humans, it is optimal to find the balance in the two, to keep our chakras aligned, and vibrating at their optimal frequencies. 

Every chakra has a specific color that resonates with it. Not because some scientist decided it, but because each frequency emits a specific color through light frequency. Ever heard the term light speed? That is the measure of speed through the vibratory frequency of light. Similarly, our chakras vibrate at specific speeds, that determine their light frequency, that determine their color. 

Crystals work the same way. Most crystals can be paired with its matching chakra by looking at the color alone. So each crystal will resonate with the vibration of the chakra that matches it. Vibrations from individual stones can tune individual smaller vibrations in the body, tune major chakra vibrations, or tune the body as a whole. This comes into effect just by coming in contact with the crystal as your aura and the crystals aura come into contact. Studies reveal that energy fields, which are made up of a magnetic field emitted by vibrations, are the main elements of a crystal that heal the body on a cellular level. 

Every human is different, we all have an extremely unique vibration and an infinite compilation of smaller vibrations throughout the body that make our core vibration. It is like many instruments that play individually but combine to make an orchestra. When in balance they are harmonious. When out of balance it is like a broken record. 

Using meditation to feel the vibration of your crystal and integrate it into your energetic body can dramatically affect the overall effect on your chakras. When using a crystal to heal a specific chakra, you can set the intention with it and then place it on that chakra in meditation. If you are in tune with your own energy, you will feel a tingling sensation in that area which means that your crystal is stimulating your chakra. 

Similarly, audio vibrations can tune and align your chakras. Through music, or other tools like tuning forks or singing bowls that have been used for thousands of years as a mode of healing. The vibrations of a drum, the strum on the guitar. Musical vibrations can be used to heal, but it can also be used to disrupt. Be mindful of what you listen to, it has more of an effect than you could possibly imagine. 

To be mindful in what we bring into our lives, is to be mindful even of the colors that we allow into our awareness. They all emit vibrations and affect our chakras. From the clothes we wear, the furniture we choose, the foods we eat, and the cars we drive. Everything matters.