Molecular Science on Crystal Healing

In Depth Science of Crystal Healing

Crystal healing works off the basis that it can harmonize the vibrations in the body and bring the frequencies emitted back into harmony. When they are not harmonious we begin to see manifestations of illness on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. When we use crystals in healing a practitioner must know which crystals to use in resonance with the areas that need to be healed. We cannot use crystals of low vibrations to heal higher chakras and vice-versa. 

Each crystal has its own base resonance. Based on that resonance the crystals of lower frequencies are used to heal the physical body, while crystals of higher frequencies are used to heal the spiritual body. When the human body comes in contact with the healing crystal the magnetic field of the crystal and the magnetic field of the person will come together. The crystal has a more solid crystalline structure that is unchangeable so the person's resonance will begin to attune to the crystal creating a third vibrational field around the two merged fields. The nervous system picks up this shift in energy and begins to signal the brain of the change. The brain begins to release hormones that begin the healing of the body at a physical level, or open them up for emotional release in order to heal at a spiritual level. 

Since humans, and crystals are both made up of the same Earth minerals that come from supernovas. When a crystal comes in contact with a human that carries similar minerals the body begins to resonate with those minerals and signals the brain that they are within their auric field. For example, Sodalite is a crystal that is predominantly made up of calcium. So when a person has a calcium disorder, the vibration emitted by Sodalite will harmonize with the body of the person. Together, creating a third auric field with a calcium resonance that will signal the brain that there is more calcium available in the auric field.

This process sends a signal to the brain that there is now more calcium in the body because the energetic body of the crystal and the humans have merged. The body then begins to heal with the idea that there is more calcium in the body even though there is not more physically. Just like a placebo, the body begins to heal itself because the power of the brain can literally create its own medicine and signal hormones to produce specific nutrients needed. In this case, calcium. So a client with a bone condition like Osteoporosis can heal from this kind of crystal by bringing the body back into homeostasis.