Sacral Chakra Knowledge

Sacral Chakra - Svadisthana

Color: Orange

Verb: I feel

Svadhisthana is translated to ‘the place of self.’ This chakra is all about self identity, discovering your creative energy, movement, and fluidity. It is our connection and acceptance of others and represents a person's creativity, sensuality, and sexuality. With an open sacral we are in a free flow of creative expression. This is the centre for creativity in life, and creation through expression. 

This gorgeous Sacral orange is seen in the reflection of the sun rising and setting in the sky. The beauty of creation, of mirroring in light reflection, showing a tender loving, and a balance in the transition from light, to dark, and back to light. This teaches us that there is a balance in the light and dark. That we have to go deep into our darkness, to reveal our light. To face past trauma, and transcend it, to spark the inner passion for love, life, and sex. Every person in life is but a reflection of our own projections. When we do the inner work, we learn to love ourselves, which in turn helps us open up to others and connect at a deeper level. 


The sacral connects to the hermetic principle of cause and effect. Every cause has an effect that results from it. Like to every action, there is a reaction. Our creation as humanity happened at a cause and effect that is beyond the reach of humanity. On Earth creativity, sexuality, regeneration all happen as causes of a series of events that lead up to that very movement. There are some causes and effects that are beyond our control. Everything is subject to this law down to a molecular level. Nothing is accidental, we all have a purpose, a creativity, and a different way of expression that all results from the different causations we have experienced throughout our lives that now bring us to the effect of our expression as a human. Our personal expression is a unique footprint of expressive genius we all have. 

When in balance, we would be comfortable in expressing intimacy, and passion to ourselves and others. When under stimulated, we will lack passion, and not be open to other people and new experiences. When over stimulated we can be very dependent on others, and have an irregular sex life. An imbalance of the sacral chakra can present itself as over indulgence like overeating, or addictions. 


The sacral is directly connected to the reproductive glands that govern our sexual organs, ovaries, testis, bowels, and lower intestines. Hormonally for women it affects our estrogen and progesterone. These hormones are vital for sexual reproduction, assisting in a woman's menstrual cycle, and pregnancy. For men it affects testosterone; balancing the need for sex, and muscle growth, which affect bodily strength and stimulate sperm production. On a physical level it can manifest sexual disorders, kidney and urinary tract issues, menstrual issues, chronic low back pain, problems with spleen, kidney stones, ovarian cysts, pelvic disease, vaginal cancer, and prostate cancer.

A good way to balance your sacral is to always enjoy things that are in alignment with your higher self. If it does not nourish you, don’t do it. Body movement is the best way to stimulate the sacral chakra. So you can try dancing, working out, yoga, anything that gets you in that flow. Slow dancing specifically stimulates those glands by vibrating at a similar frequency as the sacral. So try slower movements like slow tribal dances, qi gong, tai chi, or sensual dancing. 

Sacral Crystals: Carnelian, Garnet, Tiger Eye, Red Jasper, Obsidian, Shungite.