How Crystal Healing Works

Healing the Body

We have both an energetic and physical body. Our physical bodies are infinitely complex strings of systems, organs, tissues, cells, molecules, atoms, and so on. Our energetic bodies are created by the electromagnetic frequency that we naturally put out known as our auric field, or in modern terms a person's aura. Crystals work on our energetic body to adjust the frequency and unblock certain energetic pathways.

Our energetic system regulates our body's vibrations just like our circulatory system regulates our oxygen levels. Everyone has a distinct aura created by the vibrations that they emit. Even animals, plants, stars, planets, and crystals have their own auric field made up of magnetic pulls that they emit. The aura of a person changes from time to time depending on what they are going through at that phase of their lives. An experienced practitioner can read or see a person's aura to give them a good read on what energy that person needs to release and get work on. 

When the human auric field interacts with the crystals auric field, there is a change in vibration which is usually how the healing occurs. Crystals in the hands of an experienced practitioner can be used to redirect energy through the body. We use different crystals for different ailments because just like humans, all crystals have their own frequency that they vibrate at. Till this day, crystals like clear quartz are used to amplify and adjust the frequency on radio waves. Crystals have the potential to balance and amplify our mind, body, and spirit just by coming in contact with their auric field. 

Healing the Mind 

Humans are in a constant vibration, continuously emitting frequencies through their thoughts and their very existence. We always hear people say be careful what you think or it will become your reality. Our own thoughts, and words, literally create our existing reality at both a conscious and unconscious level.  

The law of attraction and of resonance show that the frequency you put out with your thoughts and words is what you will attract. So negative will attract negative, and vise-versa. Negative thoughts can affect your mental and spiritual harmony resulting in unwanted behaviors like depression, anxiety, emotional disorders, lack of empathy and sympathy, disconnection from one's self, or full on psychosis. Physical problems that can arise from disharmony in our energy are various aches and pains, migraines, musculoskeletal issues, and more. 

Healing the Spirit

Using crystals in this modality would require that you use them with intention to amplify the positive frequencies emitted. When used with intention, crystals can help as a guide on your spiritual journey as well as aid in keeping you grounded throughout the process so as not to lose yourself. Crystals harness the energy of the universe and the elements around us keeping us connected and firmly grounded.