Crown Chakra Knowledge

Crown Chakra - Sahasrara

Color: Violet, White

Verb: I know, I understand

The awakening of the crown is known as the blossoming of the lotus flower and our access to pure consciousness. The word Sahasrara translates to ‘thousand petaled.’ This chakra is located above our head, outside our physical body. It is our connection to the infinite cosmos, and divine energy. The crown is the seat of wisdom, transcendence, and understanding of oneness of all life and consciousness. 

Just as the crown chakra is the ethereal part of the chakra system, it does not manifest as physical on Earth. Water is a close representation because it is clear, it flows and takes the shape of anything it is in. It is vast, flexible, and essential to all life. As snow it becomes a deep white that's calm and divine, a snow that is vast like the vastness of the universe. The crown also manifests as a rainbow that shines all the colors and shows the reflection of water and light. The only other physical manifestation is through crystals, and flowers that show the unfolding of the beauty of nature that bloom and awakens into a magnificent structure. Just as the mind's lotus blooms with the awakening of the mind so does a flower with its blossoming. 


The crown is associated with the hermetic principle of mentalism. This principle explains that everything in creation is mental, it's all a creation of the mind, and thoughts of the divine. Hence the saying, “created in the image of God.” The universe is alive. It lives through thought, through dark matter, through energy. The very dark matter that flows within us all that science knows of yet knows nothing about. It connects us to the cosmos and to one another. This law, this essence, is above all laws, it is the essence of creation, it is our Godly connection. 

This chakra is all about our divinity. It is the place of enlightenment, divine truth, unconditional love, and oneness with everything. Our consciousness and thoughts, when guided by divine wisdom and understanding, aligns all the chakras and has the capability to heal us. When in alignment a person will release all judgment, and prejudice with the knowing that we are all one in the same, simple reflections of one another. One will be fully aware and on a journey of awakening into transcendence. A person with a closed crown is not very spiritual, and is very disconnected in their thoughts. That is a person that believes the tangible reality in front of them is all there is. A blocked crown can cause depression, confusion, and loss of faith. An over-stimulated crown is a person that is obsessed with spirituality and trying to understand so much that they get lost in it and neglect their body and humanity. 


The crown chakra is beyond the physical body, it is not directly linked to any gland physically. However it emits the highest frequency of all chakras. It has the ability to affect all glands in the body by affecting the healing of all of the chakras through vibration and thought. It accesses the body through the nervous system, brain stem, and spinal cord. So it is able to reach every cell in the body through thought alone. It draws in divine energy from the ethereal to help heal us. This mental aspect of the body is how we can heal ourselves through thought alone. 

To awaken this chakra, meditate regularly, practice yoga, be mindful, pray, and enjoy life with a loving awareness for everything. Prayer does not have to be specific to any god or spirit. Prayer alone is a divine connection that can stimulate the crown chakra. The best way to stimulate the crown is to align all the other chakras. To have a belief system that is good, and divine. To be connected to Earth, to the universe, to the stars and know that it is all one, all a source of divinity. That the creation of the divine is all around us. Eat purple foods like purple cabbage, mangosteen, and white foods like fresh cacao,  or artichoke flesh. 

Crown Crystals: Amethyst, Howlite, Clear Quartz, Moonstone, Selenite, Moldavite, Fluorite, Rainbow Obsidian, Mother of Pearl, Crazy Lace Agate, Druzy.