Sunstone Gemstone Uses & Crystal Healing Properties


  • Stone of Leadership
  • Increase Willpower
  • Stone of Freedom
  • Increases Intuition 
  • Increases Generosity 
  • Invokes the Inner Warrior

Sunstone is the stone of Leadership, working to increase a person's willpower, personal power, and higher consciousness. It gives the person a feeling of freedom, confidence for self expression, and strength. It carries the benevolent energy of the sun giving a person a warm loving compassion feeling of wanting to give and bless all sentient beings. It helps bring a fierce calm, with deep mental acuity, and high intuition. It will make a person fearless, confident, and have no issues setting boundaries with people. Its energy will vitalize the body making it stronger and more energetic. It will make a person more enthusiastic with an optimistic look on life, dispelling any negative energies and depression. 


Aries: March 21 – April 19

Leo: July 23 – August 22

Virgo: August 23 – September 22

Libra: September 23 – October 22

Element: Fire

Planet: Sun


To activate this crystal, affirm: I am, as you are, as we are. 


All Chakras - Root - Sacral 

It is able to vibrate at all color frequencies stimulating all 7 chakras simultaneously while keeping them in alignment. It balances the Yin-Yang energies in the body bringing on a feeling of confidence, and positivity with a clearer outlook on reality. It specifically targets the Root chakra, the source of physical and spiritual energy that flows through the body. When in balance the body begins to regain strength and stamina. Sunstone aids in harnessing the power of the inner warrior to power through anything. Fostering a feeling of security and self love. 

The Sacral chakra stimulates energy to flow through the body unlocking the place of sensuality, creativity, and passion. This area boosts the gut brain connection to let energy and information flow freely. Science now shows that the gut has more neurotransmitters than the brain does, making it essential to maximizing thoughts. When in balance, the Sacral will bring attention to the simple joys in life. Sunstone will keep you motivated, and driven, while flowing in creativity.


Australia, Canada, China, Congo, India, Mexico, Norway, Russia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, the United States


Sunstone is known as an abundance stone. Abundance is not only about wealth, you can harness it to attract an abundance of love, wealth, wisdom, friendship, knowledge, power and much more. It is unique in revealing a person's true talents to be harnessed into inspiration, fame, and prosperity. 

Wearing Sunstone will attract luck, make you feel enthusiastic, stronger, and more energetic. It is great to wear for someone that feels lethargic. Also great to use in physical competitions. In a workplace Sunstone will increase focus, acuity, and productivity. You can also use Sunstone for emotional stability. If you are coming out of a negative relationship, departing from loved ones, or experiencing a loss of someone close to you. It will help to overcome the pain, and fear and get you back on your feet. 

In meditation, Sunstone will clear the clouds ahead to help you see clearly and figure out what your path will be. They say if your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough. It will connect you to the energy of the sun to feel fearless, to challenge yourself, and reach new heights. 


Sunstone stimulates the circulatory system aiding in the detoxification of the blood, and unclogging the liver, and bile ducts. The stone of passion, aids in the enhanced circulation of fluids in the body so it increases libido and chances for fertility. It promotes a healthy and easy pregnancy, while strengthening fetal growth. By balancing mind chemistry it can help relieve anxiety, depression, and mental disorders. It is effective in stimulating the reproductive organs to increase fertility, release toxins from the body, reduce pain, speed bone recovery, and align the spinal column. 


Just as a star burns for thousands of years, and bursts into a blast of star dust that creates every physical manifestation in our existence. The Sunstone carries the energy of the sun god Ra, that like a star, feeds all life on Earth. The Sunstone is the opposite side of the Moonstone, worn together you can harness the power of the Sun and Moon while igniting the inner God and Goddess, as we all have a divine masculine and feminine within us despite our gender.