Herkimer Diamond Gemstone Uses & Crystal Healing Properties

Herkimer Diamond

  • Most Powerful of All Crystals
  • Master Healer
  • Clears Negative Energies
  • Release Trauma
  • Manifestation Amplifier

Herkimer Diamond is the master amplifier, and an all around healer. It is a source of pure light energy, that can magnify the energies of anything that comes around it. Some say it is the most powerful of all crystals, making it a powerful pair with any other crystal. Herkimer Diamond is like a reset button, it helps clear your mind, body and spirit to let go of all past pains from this life, and past lives. It harmonizes your brain and aura, and brings a deep understanding of life and all that is. It helps to release fears, anger, and resentment so that you can access and expand your source consciousness. It will teach a person to let go of lack, want, need, and desire. It will teach that there is no reason to feel any sense of lack, for we are all that we are, and there is nothing we need to become. We already have and are all that we need. It is a great crystal for anyone on a spiritual journey, starting over in life, or spiritual teachers and guides. 


Zodiac: Associated with all signs. 

Element: Storm

Planet: Sun


To activate this crystal, affirm: I am all that I need. I attract all that is for me. 


Aligns all Chakras - Crown - Third Eye 

Herkimer Diamond is able to vibrate at all color frequencies stimulating all 7 chakras simultaneously while keeping them in alignment. However, it is most powerful on the Crown and Third Eye chakra. The Crown chakra aligns the other 6 chakras. The crown is our connection to the universe beyond our physical, it controls how we perceive and respond to the world around us. The Third Eye is the chakra of perception, intuition, and perspectives. It will connect a person to higher thinking, higher self, and to see things in a new light. 

Herkimer Diamond focuses on blocking negativity and enhancing positivity, while stimulating all the chakras. This gives the mind a more enlightened perspective and connects the physical, to the mental, to the ethereal realm of higher planes of existence and universal truths. When the chakras are in full balance, and the crown is in full connectivity we understand our place in the universe, with a knowing that even the dark times are essential parts of life. 


Herkimer County, New York, USA. 


Herkimer Diamonds are six sided, double terminated Quartz. Their double termination allows them to transmit their powerful energy, as well as take in energy, amplify energy, and direct it. Making it extremely powerful for energy healers, and practitioners to use. Herkimer Diamond will shine divine light on any situation and bring clarity with its high frequency resonance. 

It has powerful protective capabilities to clear out negative electromagnetic frequencies, and radiation from technologies. To use it for protection you can create a grid at home placing several throughout the house to make a protection vortex, or do the same around the bed to protect you from night terrors. You can also get an elixir or spray to spray around an area that you want to keep protected like a prayer room, meditation room, or before a healing ceremony. 

You can use it to amplify the energies of other crystals that you have. Pairing a Herkimer Diamond with even the smallest of crystals will amplify the energy of the crystal and make it feel like you are carrying one 30x the size. If using them in a meditative practice you can place the Herkimer in one hand, and the other crystal in the other to create a vortex around your aura magnifying the healing, and expanding your aura. Moldavite and Herkimer Diamond are one of the most powerful combinations known. 

In meditation, Herkimer Diamond can be used to balance out the body, silence the mind, and amplify all intentions and messages received. To meditate with Herkimer Diamond, place it on your third eye between your brows, set your intention, and go into a visualization meditation for manifestation, or a silent meditation to receive messages from your guides. Herkimer Diamond will amplify and program your thoughts, so be sure to think positive, and always cleanse the crystal of any negative programming. 

Disclaimer: Herkimer Diamond has a very powerful energy and could become overwhelming for people when worn for an extended period of time. It is not recommended to be worn by children or animals because they will not be aware of the energy shift. 


Herkimer Diamond is a master healer, it has the power to amplify and speed up all healing processes. By removing energetic blocks, it will put the body in balance and increase energy flow. This stimulates the immune and circulatory systems and works to purify the body through eliminating toxins. It also regulates all imbalances in the body, repairs DNA-RNA, and supports cellular regeneration. Though it can be used for nearly anything, it has been cited for use to ease migraines, headaches, vertigo, motion sickness, and to balance metabolism. It amplifies the body's absorption and retention of vital nutrients, while eliminating toxins. When in pain, you can place it on your body and it will begin to circulate the energy and remedy the pain within 11-22 minutes.  A crystal elixir can be used to draw out toxins, aid in digestion, and relieve kidney and bladder infections. It can also be used topically for burns bruising, blistering, and skin disorders. 


Herkimer is protector of the roman Goddess Angerona. She is the Goddess of Silence, and keeper of secrets. She protects all divinity on Earth, and is a link between the physical, and the spiritual realms. You cannot invoke her because she will not communicate with you. However, those pure of heart, and with good intention can access her connection and link to the spiritual realms. With Herkimer Diamond she will allow you to easily connect to the angelic realms, and communicate with the hidden realm of fairies. 

Herkimer Diamond can be used for deep dream work like lucid dreaming, dream recall, past life regression, and hypnosis therapies. It will also increase psychic abilities, specifically clairvoyant, and clairaudient. Creating a grid with Herkimer Diamond will open up dimensional doorways to access higher dimensions through astral travel. It will help you break through the matrix of Saturn's cube, and the cycle of the flower of life, also known as the daisy of death. 

Being the most powerful quartz, it can be used in wands for energy work. It is also an attunement stone so would be a powerful conduit to use when getting attuned in Reiki.