Setting the Crystal with Intention

All crystals carry their own energies. Depending on the crystal it can work on the body differently. To get the most out of your crystal it is extremely important to set it with an intention. Once you purchase the crystal, the two of you are linked, it will love and serve you. All you need to do is speak into it what you need it for and it will begin to go to work for you. 

There are two main ways a crystal can be used. Actively, or passively. When you are actively using a crystal it is something that you carry with you, rubbing it, holding it, using it for reiki or other healing modalities. When it is passive, then you are just wearing it, or it's in your pocket, in your bag, completely inattentive with it. When in active use you activate it with the action of using it automatically setting the intention with it. Passive use will work better when an intention is set to activate it. Set your intention every time you grab it to go out, or in the morning when you go to put it on. 

When you allow someone else to touch your crystal they can put their energy into it and completely screw up the connection you have with the crystal. Avoid letting people touch your crystals, but if they do make sure to cleanse it and set the intention with it all over again. We all have different vibrations, and interference can bring down your vibration, and leave the crystal confused. 

To program the crystal with your intention you will need to first cleanse the crystal (look at our cleansing article for more on cleansing). Hold it in your hand, center yourself, sync with the color of the crystal, take several deep breaths in through the nose, into the belly, and out through the mouth. As you do that, reflect on what you want the crystal to do for you. On your last breath whisper into the crystal your intention with it. This process will clear the crystal and align your energy with it.