Choosing Your Crystal

Everyone will be drawn to a different crystal for several factors. Despite beliefs around birthstones, all crystals serve a purpose. We tend to be drawn to a specific crystal depending on what we are going through in that specific phase of our lives. Each crystal carries a different vibration and will work differently with different people. When choosing a crystal, the first thing to know is go off intuition, not research. The crystal that will go home with you has chosen you long before you have chosen it. 

Just like flowers draw bees in with their colors and beauty, crystals use their beauty to draw in humans. Although the look is what draws us in first on a physical level, choosing a crystal goes far beyond its beauty. On a subconscious level, our bodies know what crystal they need to heal on a physical, mental, or spiritual level. Just by coming within the aura of the crystal the energies of our subtle body is communicating with the crystal and the healing has already begun. This is why some crystals feel better than other ones. 

Crystals work on the law of resonance, where they will put out a frequency based on their vibration and the person of similar vibration or in need of that healing frequency will resonate with it. That is how the crystal will attract and draw in their person. Sometimes people will pick multiple crystals, but they always walk out with the first crystal that drew them in. 

A good way to test the crystal is to pick it up and feel it out. Hold it in your hands or by your heart, close your eyes, notice how it makes you feel. Depending on the crystal you can feel instant calm, energy rush, hot, cold, or heart pulsing. Subtle energy changes within the body will happen almost instantaneously. Some may feel comfortable or peaceful, others may be tumultuous or even make your hand feel numb or tingly. 

With selecting a crystal, it always comes down to intuition and trusting that your body knows what is best for it. When you have multiple crystals at home and are deciding what you want to wear for the day. Matching with the clothes you wear is not a bad idea because the colors we are wearing that day usually reflect on how we are feeling. Colors have vibration too, so wearing blue will say you need a crystal for your throat or third eye for that day. 

Another way to choose your crystal is to think about what you will be doing throughout the day. Who you will be seeing. Always wear a protection crystal around people that are draining and do not have boundaries with you. When taking an exam wear an indigo blue to calm your mind and increase critical thinking. At the end of the day, without even asking those questions, what you intuitively pick will always be the right crystal you need for the day. So always trust yourself. 

After choosing your crystal it is always important to set the intention with the crystal. Crystals have many properties so can be used for multiple modalities. By setting the intention you activate the crystalline so the crystal begins to go to work for you. For example if you are using fluorite to sleep with and want it to help you lucid dream, then speak that intention into it.