What is an Electromagnetic Field?

Through quantum science we know that everything in our world, and our universe is emitting energy. Physics can confirm that the combination of energy and matter create an electromagnetic field that is measured by wavelengths, frequency, form, and amplitude. 

Through the Law of Resonance, we understand that particles down to the subatomic level can have an effect in the formation of particles around it. Crystalline structures take the shape of the thought directed at it through the resonance of that thought. Ever stand in a room and feel someone on the other side of the room staring at you? That is their magnetic field pulling you in. 

As above, so below. As within, so without. The same particles that make up our cosmos also make us up. This has been proven by examining supernovas which result from massive stars collapsing inwards and create a massive explosion in the ether. The larger the star, the more elements it can create. The elements on the scientific element table are all origins of supernovas. The mystical culmination of them is what creates the human body, and everything on our planet including our planet. We are all made of stardust. 

A frequency is the measurement of a vibration through the waves that are emitted by that vibration. Everything has a vibration, but not all vibrations are the same. This is measured by the electromagnetic energy that is emitted by the object or being. Every element carries its own vibrational frequency, the combination of every element will create a combined vibrational frequency. Those vibrational frequencies are what create the magnitude of the electromagnetic field around us. The human electromagnetic field is known as an aura. For a human body to be in alignment, and in full health, the body is required to resonate on a base frequency that is optimal for human health. 

Everything inside us can take an effect including the foods we eat, and the drugs we consume. Each chakra in the body is connected to the health of different parts of the body, and each chakra has its own frequency. We have optimal health when the body is in balance, and all chakras are in alignment. When we are healthy in mind, body and spirit then we have a more powerful aura. When our aura is healthy that means our electromagnetic field is strong and can amplify our resonance thus amplifying our power of attraction through the Law of Resonance. 

So when a dude looks at a girl with ill intent, he will only put out creepy vibes. This is because the brain is said to have an electromagnetic field of 6 feet. The ego sits in the brain so it puts out emotions of lust, frustration, and fear. So the resonant of that will be creepy, and needy. When we talk about love at first sight, we can correlate it directly to the aura of the body and the resonance that is put out. The heart is said to have an electromagnetic field of up to 60 times stronger than the brain and has a resonance of up to 5000 times more powerful. Through love, gratitude for beauty, and purity of intent we can understand how two people can sync and fall in love on sight.