What Are Vibrations?

“Everything in life is vibration.” Albert Einstein

Everything in our universe is in a state of vibration. From the molecular structure of atoms and subatomic particles, to a physical object, to the air we breathe. Our thoughts and words consist of vibrations. The sounds we hear, and the light we see are also a form of vibration that create the rhythms and colors of the universe. The intensity of the vibrations determine whether humans are able to see them in the physical realm or not. Just because something cannot be seen, by no means does it not exist. Take oxygen for example, we need it for life, it is with us all the time, yet it is unseen by the human senses. Does that mean oxygen is a fallacy? Not at all, only that oxygen vibrates at a level that the humans cannot perceive. 

At the molecular level, when we look at an atom in a microscope. We can see what we call a proton. There we can see that there is an electron that orbits the proton at a vibratory pattern which creates energy. That energy creates a magnetic field. We can see this similar pattern at a solar level when a moon orbits a planet, or a galactic level when a galaxy orbits a black hole. Everything is in a constant state of vibration all the time. 

The realm beyond our perception is made up of atoms and subatomic particles. The way that they come together and create their vibration would determine the structures of the objects that they create whether it be a liquid, solid, or gas. 

When those structures mix with various elements they create our physical universe of bodies, trees, cars and so on. When no elements are added in then they remain unseen like sounds, emotions, thoughts, and air. Yet still all made up of energy created by the constant movement at a molecular level. These happenings can come together in specific structures, or through manipulation to create a physical or become tangible, or remain non tangible. 

With that said, we can scientifically prove that the way subatomic particles express themselves through various vibratory rates are the main factor of differentiation between water, air, a table, or a tree. It is through these vibratory intensities that we can even begin to have a physical reality through the power of molecular energy. 

Disclaimer: We do not condone the harming of animals. All executives at Lily Rose are 100% vegetarian. We share the study below just to validate the existence of the interconnectedness between all sovereign beings.

There was an experiment done where scientists took a mother rabbit into a submarine thousands of miles away from its newborns. The mother was hooked up to equipment that measures brain waves, aka. the vibratory frequency of the brain. They then killed a baby while monitoring the mother rabbit and observed that the mother's brain began to release vibrations at an unusual rate at the exact same time of the incident. What we would call, a freak out. 

This study proves that humans, animals, plants, and every living thing have a hidden connectedness. That is why plant growers say that their secret is to talk to their plants. This is because their vibrations sync to one another and begin to nourish one another. Just because we cannot see vibrations, and cannot see energy, it does not mean that we should discount it. There are worlds that exist beyond our perception because they operate solely on a vibratory frequency and never manifest into the physical.