What are Tibetan Knot Bracelets?

Many celebrities have been seen wearing the “lucky rope bracelet” or “red string bracelet.” This bracelet has many different names and is a hot trend right now. 🔥 

 What does the bracelet symbolize?

The knot bracelets are known to be protective and bring great abundance to the wearer. It is a symbol of purity, bravery and security. It can also bring great fortune and security.

Who makes these handmade bracelets?

Tibetan Buddhist monks in a temple high in the Himalayas endlessly recite mantras for the cessation of your suffering and flourishing of happiness, abundance and peace.

Each knot is hand-braided and it usually takes anywhere from 30-60 minutes for each bracelet. 

These bracelets are fully adjustable and made to be one size fits all. The fully closed bracelet is 6 1/4″ and the widest opening is 9 1/2.” 

They are VERY sturdy and can be worn in water.

Invoke universal love, acceptance and unity. 🕉