Solar Plexus Chakra Knowledge

Solar Plexus - Manipura

Color: Yellow

Verb: I can, I do

Also known as the warrior chakra for being our source of instinctual energy; the Manipura translates to ‘lustrous gem.’ This is the coming together of our lower chakras, aligning our self confidence (root), identity (sacral), to our will power (solar plexus). This is where we store our chi (energy), also known as our fire. Where we learn to trust in our gut instincts and follow our life path. 

The yellow of the Solar Plexus reflect on Earth as our vast hot deserts. Powered by the sun, it is a place of solitude, strength, self dependency, and pure instinct. This is where we walk in the vastness of the desert, climb the highest rocks, and harness our inner warrior. When you are told to trust your gut, this is the energy source that guides you. This is where we harness the power to pursue our life’s purpose. 

The Solar Plexus relates to the hermetic principle of rhythm. It teaches that like a pendulum, our lives sway left and right into the ebbs and flows of light and dark. By trusting our instincts, we learn that life is not all roses and butterflies. That sometimes we need that inner warrior to power through hard times. This is the Plexus of control, where we learn to neutralize the negativity in life, and not allow it to affect us negatively. This is the Plexus that allows us to stand firm, and take control of the situation at hand. 

When in balance you will have the confidence to let your wisdom flow, your decisions will be on point, and you will feel unshakeable and in control. We can experience an imbalance when we lose our power and no longer trust ourselves. That would make us very introverted, passive, and at a loss when making decisions. When this chakra is overactive a person will tend to be aggressive, assertive, and always trying to be the dominant one in the room. 

The Solar Plexus works with the stomach, upper intestines, lungs, mid and upper back area, as well as the upper back. It directly impacts the pancreas and the diaphragm which have a huge effect on breathing and secretion of digestive hormones. The pancreas is the source of insulin and other hormones needed to properly digest, and assimilate the foods we eat. An imbalance would manifest in digestive issues, or discomfort in the pancreas, liver, or kidneys. Which can lead to diabetes, digestive malfunctions, adrenal issues, hypoglycemia, and back pain. 


To restore the Solar Plexus spend some time in the sun, and do activities that stimulate trust within yourself. Things like martial arts, zumba, rock climbing and drum circles are powerful activators to connect with that inner warrior and find a deeper truth within infinite possibilities of potential. Eating yellow foods like peppers, squash, ginger, and lemons will also help stimulate that area. 

Solar Plexus Crystals: Citrine, Tigers Eye, Pyrite, Picture Jasper.