Himalayan Salt Uses & Crystal Healing Properties

Himalayan Salt  

  • Grounding Energy 
  • Heart Opening
  • Cleansing the Atmosphere
  • Fosters Self Love
  • Encourages Setting Boundaries
  • Encourages Healthy Living 

Himalayan Salt is formed from dried up ocean water from over 250 million years ago. This ancient salt is fossilized over 850 yards below the Himalayan Mountains. Today it is popularly used as a replacement for table salt for its high mineral content, and as salt lamps to ionize the atmosphere of the room. However, it also has energetic properties like grounding, and protecting against negative energies. Its pink color emits a vibration of self love, and personal empowerment. Its grounding effect will encourage a person to want to live a healthier lifestyle and stand their ground in setting boundaries with their loved ones. 


Aquarius: January 20 – February 18

Leo: July 23 – August 22

Scorpio: October 23 – November 21

Element: Earth - Fire

Planet: Earth 


To activate this crystal, affirm: I stand my ground. I do what is best for me. 


All - Heart

Himalayan Salt can be used to purify, and clear all the chakras in the body. It can be used as a lamp in healing ceremonies to clear the air and keep a person grounded. However it works mostly with the heart. Combining the energies of the Sun, Earth, and ancient ocean it will connect one's heart to the divine love of mother Gaia. Wrapping them in a deep protection of unconditional love. 


Himalayan Mountains


The most prominent use for Himalayan Salt is on food. It is a phenomenal replacement to the basic table salt for several reasons. Basic table salt has been tested and shown that over 90% of them have trace amounts of micro plastics that were too small to be filtered out. Consuming plastic can be a causation of illness including cancer. Replacing it with ancient Himalayan salt that has not been touched by the modern world is beneficial especially because this ancient salt contains over 84 trace minerals that boost immunity, hydration, and overall health. 

The other ways to use Himalayan Salt is as a salt lamp. The heat from the light will release negative ions from the lamp that will work to cleanse and clear out the atmosphere of negative energies. Computers, laptops, wifi, AC units, appliances, even emotions like anger, and frustration all release harmful positive ions into the atmosphere. So having a salt lamp will balance and clear the air. Pure salt is a great way to block negative energy, and release emotional attachments. Consider having several salt lamps at home, and at work. 

Salt lamps are also beneficial for areas that have a lot of humidity. Places like Florida have a major issue with mold growth due to moisture being in the walls. Salt lamps attract moisture and will work to alleviate this issue. 

Having it in your meditation room, by your bedside, or where you sit every morning to have your coffee or tea is beneficial for personal wellbeing. Just being within its aura, and balancing the ions within your body you will begin to feel lighter, healthier, and more loving towards yourself. It has been proven to increase serotonin levels which has a huge effect on mood, and sleep patterns. Also great to use in a salt bath to further that self love and appreciation. 


Himalayan Salt has over 84 primordial trace elements that our bodies can fully utilize. Through consuming as food, or just through heating through a salt lamp we can begin to reap the benefits of these minerals. Negative ions are what we get into our bodies when we go to the beach to energize us and cleanse us of our overload of positive ions. There have been some studies that show Salt Lamps to increase negative ions in the body between 150-300%. These negative ions work to ionize the body which is linked to treating respiratory issues, alleviate allergies, rheumatism, and blood imbalances. Having a high level of negative ions in the air will begin to neutralize bacteria in the atmosphere. This will bring relief to allergies, congestion, headaches, fevers, asthma, lung disorders. It will also stimulate the immune system, and increase concentration. 


For thousands of years salts have been used as a form of protection. You can use salt to protect your space from evil spirits. Sprinkle it around the house, and at the entrance of the home to block negative energies from coming in. You can also use it in spell work, protection talismans, and protection candles.