What is frequency?


A frequency is the measurement of a vibration through the waves that are emitted by that vibration. Everything has a vibration, but not all vibrations are the same. This is measured by the electromagnetic energy that is emitted by the object or being. Every element carries its own vibrational frequency, the combination of various elements and molecules will create a combined vibrational frequency.Which means that all crystals carry their very own frequency and work to heal different modalities. 

Just like different parts of our bodies vibrate at different frequencies, crystals vibrate at different frequencies which determine which parts of the body they can heal. Crystals with a higher frequency usually work with the higher chakras, while lower frequencies work with the lower chakras. Then crystals like clear quartz can work to heal and align all chakras. The healing works on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. 

At a molecular level, the atoms are organized in a vibrational rhythm called phonons. The rate at which phonons move determine the frequency of the vibration an entity gives off. This is measured by infrared technology, raman spectroscopy, or x-ray scattering techniques which help pinpoint the vibrations at a molecular level. 

The frequency that is projected is known as the resonance. In humans, the consciousness is the source of that frequency. So frequency is the base to determine what we would attract back to us based on the resonance that is put out, based on the health of our consciousness. 

This is similar to a radio where the frequency determines the station that is chosen to be projected through the speakers. So imagine that you are the radio; the frequency that you put out will determine the resonance that will harmonize with the source which is the radio tower, and attract back the chosen frequency. 

Frequency is a key component to measure the energy of the body. Energy healers can determine what in the body needs work because they can read your energy which is put off by vibrations, which is measured by the frequency. So when the body’s frequency is out of whack, the practitioner can know that the energies are out of balance.