Azurite Gemstone Uses & Crystal Healing Properties


  • Overcome Negative Patterns
  • Release Anxiety, and Tension
  • Divine Guidance
  • Release Fears
  • Increase Awareness

Azurite is known as the stone of the heavens for its spectacular blue color. It activates your third eye helping to release anxiety, relieve tension, dispel confusion, and open the mind to perspectives previously unseen. Overall, it will increase intuition, and keep the mind channel open to receive guidance and messages from spirit. It will help dive deep into the subconscious to seed out underlying fears and bring a new understanding in order to overcome them. It's a great stone for anyone that is independent, a lone wolf, or trying to maintain mental acuity and physical prowess. Could make a great gift for the elderly or a single parent. 


Sagittarius: November 22 – December 21

Aquarius: January 20 – February 18

Element: Air

Planet: Venus - Jupiter 


To activate this crystal, affirm: I am sharp. I am alert. I have no fear. 


Third Eye - Throat

Azurite has been used for thousands of years to awaken the third eye and act as a guide to enlightenment. The third eye is the chakra of perception and intuition, home to our higher self. By activating this chakra a person will sense a feeling of awareness to the world. This chakra stimulates the desire to further understand the world, how its systems work, and aids in the process of gathering and dissecting knowledge. When in balance, this chakra allows us to control the flow of energy within our bodies, while keeping us observant and reflective.

The throat chakra is amongst the most important because it aids in the release of energy from other chakras in the body by being the modality in which truth is expressed. When blocked, it will affect not only the throat area, but any other area where energy is being held back and not spoken. When in balance, there is no energy stagnation so the mind, body, and spirit are all in harmony resulting in a feeling of serenity, and flow.


Utah, Arizona and New Mexico (USA), Mexico, Namibia, Congo, Morocco, France and Australia.


Azurite is unique in working on the third eye and throat because it will increase your perceptiveness and allow for truth to flow outward and inward. When we are being true to ourselves, we have the ability to expand our awareness and understanding from within. To become conscious of the subconscious, and to dissect our own true motives. This will give discernment on whether we are acting towards the higher good or if it is a simple act of ego. 

Simply having it within your vicinity is a great way to access its energies. It is great to use in an office space, or when working to enhance communication and creativity. Azurite is unique in the sense that it is a rubbing stone, kind of like a blue Gini. Rub the stone frequently when carrying it and speak your troubles into it so that it may assist you in dissolving them. 

Azurite stimulates the mind and the adventurous need for discovery. It is a good stone to peak towards trying something new, taking on new studies, and discovering what makes you tick in this world. It will also help in retaining all of the new information taken in by boosting memory and focus. 

Just how it works on the throat chakra through vibration, it has the unique frequency to enhance the healing powers of sounds. You can use it to increase the effectiveness of healing music like chants, binaural beats, drums, didgeridoo, and other sound healing modalities. 

In meditation, azurite will help to silence the mind. Assisting in the ability to travel deep within the subconscious, as well as draw in divine guidance. This will help draw information from past lives that can aid in increasing the wellbeing of the current life. 


Azurite’s mineral composition has the ability to help blood flow and regulate the minerals within the body. It is useful to use in some bone treatments like spinal alignments, broken ribcage, and other small bones in the body. It can help with arthritis and joint recovery. It boosts the immune system through elimination of toxins by increasing blood circulation. It can aid with kidney, gallbladder, spleen and liver treatments. Increases circulation also oxygenates to blood so it begins to heal at a cellular level to unclog heart and brain blockages. This can aid in reversing brain disorders like Alzheimers, dementia, and reduce migraines and tinnitus. 


Azurite is used to commemorate the Goddess of wisdom Sophia. Her story portrays her on a journey of losing herself, detaching from her soul, only to rebuild herself stronger with a new understanding of wisdom, and embodiment of inner spirituality on Earth. This indigo crystal belongs to the indigo children of the world. It will help in connecting them to their spirit guides, and to find their tribe on Earth. 

High priests and priestesses of Atlantis and Ancient Egypt used Azurite as a way to access psychic abilities and imprint their magical secrets into them. Today, we can use Azurite to guide us in accessing knowledge from past lives, and recall information from the past. 

Ancient Chinese revered this stone as the Gateway to Heaven and used it to open portals and access celestial information, and to connect to out of worldly knowledge. Similarly, we can use Azurite to lucid dream, remember dreams, increase channeling, and to safely astral project. 

Native Americans and Mayans used Azurite to guide them through the spirit realms, and to help them decipher messages that are channeled. It is great to enhance spiritual practices like psychic readings, channeling, mediums, tarot cards, and so on. Also brings accuracy to use for spiritual tools like pendulums.