Heart Chakra Knowledge

Heart Chakra - Anahata

Color: Green, Pink

Verb: I love

Anahata translates to ‘unhurt.’ This is where the heart is used to feel love, acceptance, compassion, kindness, and loving awareness. This is how we love ourselves, how we love others, how we use compassion to understand others to be able to come from a place of loving kindness. Loving awareness is the ability to be able to harness that love into everything in life from the traffic that slows our flow, or the mosquito that sucks our blood. To love everything with a full awareness is to master the heart chakra. 

Mother Gaia expresses her love to us with the greenery of the Earth. The trees provide us oxygen to live, the grasslands trap carbon in the ground to regulate our atmosphere, and green foods provide oxygen to our blood with an array of health benefits for our bodies to function optimally. To keep us strong, nourished, and alive. The beautiful greenery of the Earth is about love, sacrifice, giving, nourishing, and being as one. As all the greens eventually get recycled into Earth and become part of the system of unity, oneness, and interconnectedness. 


The heart chakra relates to the hermetic principle of polarity. The very essence of our creation is when a positive (masculine) and negative (feminine) ion come together as energy, and begin to multiply. We are beings of love, created out of love, to live in love. To understand that is to understand that everything comes in a pair, it is all in duality. Love is the same as hate, just a higher vibration of it. To love our hate is to raise the vibration of it and transmute it into love. To love everything in awareness, is to know that when you begin to love something, you can raise its vibration into something that is more lovable just by showing it the power of love. It is how we heal ourselves, and heal the world. The heart is the seat of the soul, it is where we find our inner essence of God, through the essence of love. 

A balanced heart chakra means that we are open to giving and receiving love. It means that we have healed past any pain or trauma to the heart and accept all that is. Every heart break has a lesson. We tend to lose balance in the heart chakra when we misuse love, when we cross boundaries, or when we go through a sense of perceived betrayal causing mistrust. Which makes us cold and distant with other people. When the heart is overactive then we are pushing our love onto people and using it as a form of deceit, because that love masks the guilt we may carry. 


The heart chakra is linked to our circulatory system and our thymus gland. The circulatory system is vital to regular functioning of the body, heart health, and to move fluids throughout our system. It used to be said that the thymus gland is no longer in use after puberty. However, new discovery says that is wrong, it simply shrinks but remains active. The thymus gland releases lymphocytes which are vital to stimulate the immune response in attacking any foreign invaders that are harmful to the body. This chakra is associated with the heart, lungs, arms, hands, and chest area. We can experience heart palpitations, or tightness in the chest with an imbalance in this chakra. Illnesses can manifest as high blood pressure, blood disorders, muscle spasms, cancer in that area, and heart issues. 

To stimulate the heart chakra you can tap up and down your chest bone to send vibrations down to your heart center and get it moving, also stimulating your immune system. Gratitude meditations where you list the things you are grateful for are extremely effective to open the heart. Cacao ceremonies where you drink pure cacao in its raw form are also heart opening. Activities that require giving and sharing like charity work, cleaning the beach, cooking for your neighbors will also stimulate your heart center. Eat lots of green, wear green, and carry green or pink crystals. 

Heart Crystals: Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, Amazonite, Rhodonite, Chrysoprase, Fluorite, Moldavite, Rose Jasper, Dragon Blood Jasper, Blood Stone, Ocean Jasper, Indian Agate.