Crystals Unlocking DNA

Art by: Johan Swanepoel

Crystals have their very own forms of DNA structure. When examining the DNA structures of crystals, scientists found that some crystals can form the same structure of the double helix DNA found in humans. There are scientists that believe the DNA structure of humans is made up of liquid crystal. 

This is not a far fetched idea since the screens on our phones are plasma made up of liquid quartz. This is because liquid crystal can amplify and transmit frequencies, have a stronger resonance for connectivity, and store information within it since quartz is programmable. Making it one of the most stable and conducive structures to use. 

Art: Joanna Aud

In humans, plasma makes up 55% of the blood structure. This supports the idea that the body can communicate with itself through crystalline structures. If our DNA is formed from a crystalline structure then it would prove that it works beyond just a protein building block, but also as a way to store, receive, and transmit information. 

Could this be the answer to the 90+% DNA in the human body that is dubbed junk DNA simply because we cannot access it? This raises the question on how much more potential the human body can have by accessing the information in that “junk” DNA. 

When we come in contact with crystals that have specific formations of DNA that resonate with the body. They can access your DNA and begin to unlock parts that are otherwise unused. This is how people have psychic abilities, while others can levitate. Through practice they are able to tap into their “junk” DNA and use senses beyond the basic 5.