Moldavite Gemstone Uses & Crystal Healing Properties


  • Stone of Greatness
  • Stone of Transformation
  • Enhance the Spiritual Journey
  • Interconnectedness to Life in the Universe
  • Cleanses the Aura
  • Release Unhealthy Attachments

This is the true Philosopher's stone, born of etheric fire and stardust. Moldavite is a glass formation that resulted from a meteorite collision 14.8 million years ago. It impacted Earth with a force of six trillion megatons, finding its way deep into the foundation of Mother Gaia. This star born crystal is said to have fallen from the heavens, sent to guide mankind to their truth, and assist in their transformation to greatness. Moldavite brings awareness to the wonders of the universe and the vastness of life, while keeping a person grounded and aware of the unity of it all. The interconnectedness of humanity, to the animal kingdom, to Earth, to the Stars, to everything. It is all one. 

Moldavite has the power to cleanse the body, the aura, and all negativity. It brings a keen focus to the mind, helping one formulate new solutions to problems that have not been considered or maybe considered, just lacking courage for action. Moldavite helps a person get back on their destined path by releasing unhealthy attachments to people, objects, ideas, and false paradigms. Moldavite has such immense energy, that many people become overwhelmed by its presence. Some people experience a “moldavite flush” in which they get dizzy, and their body begins to become warm. It takes a person on a unique journey to be ready for Moldavite. One will only resonate with it when they have moved past the hurdles in life and are ready to walk their golden path towards their destiny. 

Angel Chimes - Amongst the rarest form of Moldavite, less than 1%, is a powerful healing crystal. It emits unique frequencies that can be heard simply by rubbing it. To test it you can drop it on a metal or glass surface and it would ring like a coin, unlike any other crystal known. 


Zodiac: All

Element: Storm - Earth

Planet: All

Moldavite does not associate with a specific zodiac or planet. It is a star born crystal, a gift from the heavens to all humanity. It will serve any who are open to receiving its divine guidance. 


To activate this crystal, affirm: I am ready to walk my path towards my destiny. 


Heart - Throat - Third Eye - Crown

Though it can stimulate all chakras, and is not specific to one main chakra. Moldavite is a gift from the heavens, it is no wonder that it works on all the higher chakras, also known as the heavenly chakras. This miracle crystal enhances the spiritual journey and sets us on the path to our purpose. By opening the heart chakra it allows a person to lead with a heart overflowing with love and compassion. The throat chakra is a master energy healer because it can release stagnant energy from all chakras by simply speaking one's truth to align with their purpose. The third eye maintains a calm and intuitive mind that is in harmony with the higher self. The crown chakra allows for all that harmony to be harnessed into connection with divine guidance. The combination of these 4 chakras teach to lead with the heart, speak truth from a place of love, while holding a deeper understanding of love and compassion, and channeling it all with divine guidance and unconditional love. 


Found only in Czechoslovakia


This etheric gem carries the energies of the universe, molded from the fire of the heavens, combined with the love of mother Earth. The truest crystal for a spiritual awakening and conscious growth. When used right, Moldavite will bring happiness and satisfaction to your life. Opening the doors to greatness, and new opportunities. 

Moldavite will guide you through your mission on Earth. It does so by first bringing your awareness to things in your life that you need to let go of. Things that are holding you back from your true potential like unhealthy relationships, and addictions. This can be quite overwhelming especially when someone doesn't understand this power. It brings forth emotions that need to be confronted in order to move on and grow. It then brings your attention to where your focus needs to be directed in order to guide you on your path. Warning, it will lash out when you deviate from your path. Only wear Moldavite when you are ready for drastic changes in life, when you truly want to honor and integrate the changes revealed. Otherwise it will do more harm than good, only because you yourself are not ready for a full integration of your higher purpose. 

Moldavite sends messages and brings things to awareness through its high multidimensional frequency. With an open mind, pay attention to synchronicities, listen to your mind and gut before making a decision, lead with an open heart. Moldavite will always lead you to where you are meant to be. Ignoring its messages will result in a feeling of overwhelming stress, and light headedness. 

On this journey, be prepared to unlearn all that you have known, and all that you have been taught by our false paradigm. Moldavite will guide you and bring to surface the right knowledge, and experiences to prepare you. Just know, with Moldavite in your life, there is no such thing as coincidence. If a book or movie comes to your attention, then indulge in it with an open mind, it will probably give you knowledge needed to move forward. Then notice how each step after will correlate to the precious step. How the next step would not have been understood without the previous ‘coincidence.’ 

As multidimensional beings, the etheric energy of Moldavite will remove any feelings of homesickness, lack, and not fitting in. Unless those feelings are meant to be felt to teach you a lesson on your path. It is a powerful stone to bring memories from the past to face and move past, as well as past life memories that will aid you on your journey. 

In meditation, Moldavite will raise your vibrations to the highest spiritual dimensions. Use it for connection with the divine, exploration of the spiritual phenomena, astral travel, and to bring visions towards your purpose. You can stabilize the energy of Moldavite by pairing it with a Herkimer Diamond or Clear Quartz. You can amplify it by using Labradorite, Smoky Quartz. 


Moldavite does not have one specific use, it will guide towards a diagnosis. It focuses on what the body needs to work on to move on in their life. Its vibrations are directed to any area that needs to be revitalized. It is important to note that Moldavite will only guide you to what needs to be healed. It is on you to take action to begin the healing process. Wearing Moldavite will work to clear blockages, heal wounds, and harmonize the entire body one step at a time. It will help bring your awareness to areas of the body that are out of balance, so that you can work in conjunction with it to begin the healing process. Its ability to harmonize the body will assist in cellular stimulation to strive for balance. It slows oxidation on a cellular level which slows down the aging process. Helping to maintain overall health of the body, vital systems, and brain health. 


In ancient Sanskrit, Moldavite is known as Agni Mani, the fire pearl. Ancient lore knows it as the stone of Shambhala, the sacred jewel of Tibet, the stone of the Holy Grail. It is believed to have come to us from the constellation of Orion, to guide us on our heavenly path towards ascension. It draws light to Earth from the universe to shed light on the direction that we need to be moving, to guide us in healing ourselves, healing mankind, and mother Gaia. As an outer world crystal, it has been sent to us to guide old souls and star seeds on their mission. If you are feeling lost, and out of place, place Moldavite on your heart, go into mediation and listen to its guidance. It will uncover your purpose on Earth, and reveal your path. 

Moldavite connects us not just to all life on Earth, but to all life in the universe. It is believed to have its own oversoul making it a conduit to out of worldly entities, ascended masters, planets, and dimensions. You can use Moldavite to connect with other dimensions, for dream work, telepathy, and to decipher messages from cosmic messengers.