Caribbean Calcite Gemstone Uses & Crystal Healing Properties

Caribbean Calcite

• Stone of Calm & Balance
• Increases Peace & Harmony
• Aids in Communication
• Activates Psychic Abilities
• Elevates Consciousness
• Stabilizes Energy & Aura
• Releases Past Traumas & Karma

Caribbean Calcite is known as the Stone of Calm. It is an extremely healing crystal with soothing energies that will calm anxieties and bring liberation to tension. This crystal provides inner awareness on the ways to best navigate to one's highest vibrational life. It's energy feels soothing, like a cool breeze on a perfect day with bright blue skies.  

Caribbean Calcite is a mix of two tranquil crystals, Blue Calcite and Aragonite. Many confuse this crystal with Larimar for its soft blue hue and sweet energy.

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Zodiac: Cancer

Element: Water

Planet: Earth


Third Eye and Throat


Caribbean Calcite is very new and only recently found in 2019 in Pakistan. It is limited and hard to source. Some call it "Ocean Blue Calcite."


Caribbean Calcite frees mental energy from toxic and negative blockages, so that inner-childlike joy, passion and harmony flows more freely. It also adds more compassion and empathy to everyday stresses. This is a wonderful crystal to connect more with the people you love in a healthier more communicative way. It strengthens the bond of the people in your soul tribe, and makes you more aware of energies to steer clear of. 


Caribbean Calcite is a wonderful crystal for all-over healing and recovery. This is an excellent stone for after-care from surgeries, or prolonged illness. It dissolves pain levels and is said to lower blood pressure with it's calming, breezy energy. It can clear away blockages that hinder your physical body and help with migraines, jaw pain, muscular and any pain related to high levels of stress.


Caribbean Calcite elevates consciousness and activates psychic abilities. This a powerful, yet tranquil, crystal that can enhance the overall feeling of "knowing" by connecting you to your inner truth. By activating the Third Eye and Throat Chakra in divine alignment, it allows you to see through lies, clearing negative and self-destructive thoughts. When working with this beautiful soft blue stone, it opens you to inspiration and spiritual enlightenment. Guidance and focus surrounding life goals will surely increase, as well as clearing thoughts that inhibit your highest vibrational path. This crystal enhances manifestation by stabilizing the aura. 

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