Prehnite with Epidote Gemstone Uses & Crystal Healing Properties


  • Stone of Prophecy 
  • Increase Mental Capacity
  • Release Anger and Fear
  • Revitalize the Body
  • Transformational Healing
  • Increases Focus and Perseverance 

Prehnite is a gorgeous peppermint colored crystal with inclusions and of Epidote and Black Tourmaline rutile. Epidote increases and amplifies anything it touches and Black Tourmaline grounds, protects and creates an invisibility cloak for the user to block negative forces. There are different grades of Prehnite, the most valuable is the more translucent light green. Even though the pure green is more valuable, some people prefer the Prehnite with a much higher ratio of Epidote and Black Tourmaline.

Prehnite is most notably known for it's ability to bridge a connection between the Heart and Solar Plexus chakras. This is extremely useful for self-confidence in the pursuit of loving yourself, others and the overall present moment of day to day life. It is the stone of magic as it seems to uplift and bring forth the vibration of abundance, fortune and opportunity.

Prehnite increases the brain's ability to process information, receive information, and increase mental alertness. It will help you process truths, and develop an understanding of who you truly are. It is known as the stone of healers as it is known to "heals the healer." Prehnite will help you release negative energies like sadness and fear. Replacing them with love, peace, and serenity. It will revitalize the body by renewing the energy within, and allowing chi to flow freely throughout the body. 


  • Virgo: August 23 – September 22
  • Libra: September 23 – October 22
  • Element: Earth
  • Planet: Venus

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To activate this crystal, affirm: I am in flow. I am healed. I am, so I am. 


Solar Plexus - Heart

The Solar Plexus is associated with willpower, motivation, life path, trusting oneself, and relationships. This chakra supports vitality, practicality, and balances out the body's extreme energies keeping a person grounded even when surrounded by chaos. Unblocking this center brings forth the willpower to persevere and face the world head on without fear. 

Prehnite brings comfort and peace to your heart chakra. It harmonizes the body by balancing out the masculine and feminine energies, which balances the intellectual, emotional, physical, and auric energies. This opens up the heart to release fears, and negativity. It also protects the heart chakra building an energetic shield around it. By opening your heart chakra, you will feel an uplifting energy that will make you more willing to embrace change and explore new experiences. Start dance classes, learn to cook, pick up a new language. A person begins to release angers, and be open to forgiveness. 


Australia, South Africa, Scotland and in New Jersey, USA.

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Prehnite is a stone for times of transformation. It will assist you in times where there is change in your life to help your body, mind, and spirit evolve with the changes helping you with the ebbs and flows of life. Prehnite will also help silence the noise in the mind that would work to distract you, or take your eyes off your goals. With Prehnite, you will remain focused, and move with perseverance. 

You can use Prehnite to create an environment of pure tranquility that would work to preserve your energy. It is perfect during yoga and around plants to create a deep meditative and healing sanctuary for yourself. This crystal connects you with all the elements in the room, while balancing all the elements within your body. 

If you have nightmares, place a Prehnite mala or bracelet by your bed at night to help you face and overcome those fears. Use it in intentional lucid dreaming to face real life fears and overcome them. You can also use it to help you clear space in your life. It will help you easily detach from things and people that do not serve you. 

In meditation, Prehnite will guide you to know which doors in life you need to open. It is powerful to connect you to your higher self, and connects you to the universal wisdom. You will leave the meditation with an inner knowing of what you need to do, how to do it, and why you are doing it. The trifecta for manifestation. 


Prehnite has the ability to help blood flow and regulate the minerals within the body. It is useful to use in some bone treatments like spinal alignments, broken ribcage, and in healing other small bones in the body. It can also help with arthritis, bone structure, bone marrow, teeth, feet, back pain, joint recovery, and the skeletal system as a whole. It balances the hormones of the body and regulates the normal rhythms of our biological systems. It boosts the immune system through elimination of toxins by increasing blood circulation. It can aid with kidney, gallbladder, spleen and liver treatments.


This stone of prophecy helps psychics prophesize the future. It is a great medium to use for tarot cards. It would make the perfect crystal to use for energy work and looking into the past and future. It is also used for dream recall, and lucid dreaming.

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