How Chakras Effect the Body

We have 7 main chakras in our body starting at the base of the spine where the perineum is, that are spaced out on the spine all the way to the crown of the head with one chakra that floats above the head. On a physical level, the vagus nerve connects the brain chakras to the bodily chakras through the spine, that interconnect to all the major endocrine glands in our bodies. 

The chakras have an energetic nervous system known as meridians, or Nadis (translates to rivers) where the energy flows through them. The chakras locations are the main points where meridians cross paths with the nerves of our seven main endocrine glands and our nervous system. Which is how each chakra is directly associated with the same parts of the body that it overlaps. When a chakra is under or over stimulated, the energy flow is out of harmony, putting the physical aspect in the body out of harmony, which results in a physical manifestation of illness or discomfort. 


The endocrine system is what produces and regulates hormones in the body. Modern health highlights hormone balance as one of the most important keys to optimal health. Hormones are the chemical messengers that regulate the body's processes. So when they are out of balance, the body does not function the way it is meant to. Since the 7 chakras are each connected to one of the 7 endocrine systems, when a chakra is out of balance then that endocrine system is out of balance thus putting the body out of harmony. Which results in a physical manifestation in the form of illness, disease, or mental instability. 

Symptoms are vital to the survival of humans because they are the body's call for help. They bring awareness to an imbalance that is happening to us on an energetic level. The body cannot speak to us verbally. The body speaks subconsciously, and when we neglect our body that is when we begin to see illness which is the body's cry for help. 

This is where the concept of mind, body, and spirit come into play. We must be in tune and aware with our mind, our thoughts, and how we think about ourselves and our lives. Which directly impacts our body. For we are what we think. When we think ill thoughts, our body becomes ill, and that disrupts our spirit. When our mind is in balance, our chakras are also in balance, so our hormones are in balance so we do not become ill. Staying in balance keeps us in full health in our mind, body, and spirit. 

Our 7 chakras are split between the top and the bottom; the higher chakras affect our mental health and stability and represent dicing energies. While our lower chakras affect our body structure, and functionality while representing our instinctual and basic human needs. The lower ones vibrate at a lower frequency that are connected to our wants and desires. While the higher ones vibrate at a higher frequency that relate to more spiritual and etheric potentials. Each chakra has a specific optimal vibration, and a color that matches that vibration. When out of harmony and not vibrating optimally is when our glands react negatively and get thrown out of balance.