Honey Calcite Gemstone Uses & Crystal Healing Properties

Honey Calcite

  • Increases Self Love & Self Worth
  • Connects to Mother Gaia
  • Helps Accomplish Difficult Tasks
  • Imbues Confidence & Courage
  • Helps Learning New Info & Skills
  • Boosts Energy & Optimism
  • Imbues Responsibility & Leadership

Honey Calcite is also known as Amber Calcite and the name comes from the Greek word chalix, which means lime.

Honey Calcite is a powerful crystal for creativity and self-confidence. It's sunny warm color will amplify higher consciousness and drive to complete any task that has to due with natural passion and drive. It will help cleanse any stone in it's auric field, as well as the user wearing it! It is a stone of sunny disposition and positive optimism. 


Zodiac: All Signs - Cancer

Element: Earth - Fire - Wind 

Planet: Earth

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Sacral and Solar Plexus


Honey Calcite is largely found in Mexico. It occurs in masses and rhombohedral formations. It is one of the most abundance minerals on earth, with many grades!


Honey Calcite connects emotions with intelligent which is why it is so great to use during projects. It is linked to higher vibrations which helps us open to the etheric realm to bring intuition naturally to the forefront of anything we intent on.

This crystal will help with discernment, calming the mind and providing a path to hope for someone who has been shaky in the department of self-esteem. Honey Calcite is one of the best stones for bringing a lot of passionate energy back, dispelling lazy behavior and fatigue. 


Honey Calcite helps to alleviate stress and replace it with a peaceful hope that is also very high energy. It will help stabilize emotions which will provide a better judgement on your inner critic and self-talk. 

It has many physical healing powers in helping with bloating, inflammations, depression and anxiety. It can help the person heal faster from emotional traumas that have caused unwanted physical changes, especially with weight or skin issues. Honey Calcite will help the body heal faster with it's pure sunny energy. 


All Calcites are very powerful cleansers of other crystals and people's auric fields. Honey Calcite is especially dear to our hearts because of it's ability to be a powerful sunny anti-depressant and energetic booster. This crystal is especially wonderful when doing Reiki so that the practitioner maintains a good practice of the "hollow bone" which means energy and light coming through them without affecting their own emotional, spiritual and physical bodies.

Honey Calcite wants us to shine as bright as the sun in this life! To always know that tomorrow is another day and the sun will rise again, no matter what darkness life throws at us. This crystal is amazing for people in the public spotlight, entrepreneurs, social media influencers and sales people. It will immediately help the user feel more empowered to develop any skills needed to fly high in their chosen life path. Honey Calcite is all about personal power, self-confidence and breaking down barriers to clear to way to a sunnier, brighter tomorrow!

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