Abalone Uses & Crystal Healing Properties

“There is always stillness inside, no matter the chaos.”

Abalone Healing Properties: Enhances Peace, Brings Out Beauty & Compassion, Increases Love, Relieves Emotional Stress, Encourages Tranquility, Increases Intuition, Brings Harmony and Balance, Clears Communication Blockages, Promotes Expression, Strengthens Immune System, Energizes the Body, Increase Strength & Stamina

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Abalone is a beautiful “organic” gemstone made from a sea dwelling mollusk of the same name.  Though it is not ancient in its origins it is still a very useful energetic stone offering the holder a sense of inner peace and inner beauty.  It reminds the holder that although they have been through rough times and hard fought battles, they are indeed stronger and more beautiful for the experience.

Abalone helps sooth the holder’s nerve, or calm the overactive mind.  It imbues the holders with a sense of love and compassion and is quite powerful at soothing emotional pain and trauma; more specifically it helps to soothe the inner turmoil caused by stressful relationships.  It enhances communication and self expression which ultimately helps bring harmony and balance the relationship and to one’s self.

Abalone also helps to gently awaken ones psychic abilities and intuition.  It offers the holder a peaceful look into their own mind while allowing them to feel confident and calm enough to reach out psychically into their surroundings.

Physically abalone helps to strengthen the immune system as well as helps the body to break down protein and amino acids while enhancing the uptake of vitamins A and D.  This energizes the body, increases strength & stamina, and enhances recovery times from workouts or injuries.  Because of this, Abalone is frequently worn by athletes and highly active individuals.

Affirmation: I am one with nature. I am peace. I live in harmony with my true inner soul.