The Law of Resonance

To understand the universal Law of Resonance, we must first know that everything in the universe is in a constant vibratory state. Those vibrations create a vibratory frequency that can emanate at different speeds. The power of the vibratory frequency is dependent on the molecular structure and elements that make up the object, or person. Things that influence the vibratory frequency are thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions. The vibratory frequencies that are projected make up the resonance of that vibration. 

Resonance is like a pendulum that flows back and forth infinitely. Imagine an infinity sign. You are at one end of it, and you speak something or think it, that thought will emanate on the lines of that infinity sign, and make its way back to you carrying to you the same resonance that you put out. If you speak in love, the universe will respond in love, if you speak in hate, the universe will respond in hate. A tangible example is putting old school clocks that operate on a pendulum together in a room. Eventually they will all sync up because of the vibratory frequency that is being put out resonate together and begin to vibrate together. 

The Law of Resonance, is the basis of how to use the Law of Attraction. It states that what you put out you bring in because that is what resonates with you. Just like making friends, if you are into crystals, you will resonate with people that are into crystals. If you hate cars, you will resonate with a person that hates cars. If you are vegan, you will be friends with vegans. 

The Law of Resonance states that the rate of the vibration projected, will harmonize with and attract back energies with the same resonance. This is where the Law of Attraction comes into play. How we allow ourselves to feel, and how we speak to ourselves will become our physical reality. This includes the music we listen to, and the television that we watch, and the people we surround ourselves with. 

It is important to note that the resonance of love is a lot stronger than the resonance of hate/fear based on the magnitude of the frequency emitted. Love is a connective energy, whereas fear is a separative energy. Those emotions create our vibratory frequencies that are amplified through our electromagnetic field. Love has the capability to amplify all energies it comes in contact with. By speaking and acting in love we are teaching our resonance to bring back love and goodness into our life. Since love is more powerful than fear so it will always attract stronger, better, and faster than fear. 

When two objects or people come together, they will both be putting out their own resonance. The body with the stronger resonance will always bring the body with the weaker resonance to match its vibration. So when we act in love, and put love out we will teach and emanate the people around us to be in love. For example, you can place one tuning fork on a wooden amplifier on one end of the room and another in the other end of the same room. When you ring one tuning fork its resonance will echo through the room bringing the untouched tuning fork into resonance with it and they will both begin to vibrate at the same time. This is science 101. 

Similarly, crystals carry their very own vibratory frequency that is crystalline and unchangeable unlike the vibration of a human that can be affected by the fragile ego and thoughts alone. The human is the weaker body, and the crystal is the stronger one. Through the Law of Resonance, when we carry a crystal that has a specific frequency and vibrates at a higher frequency of our own, then that very crystal will bring our vibration up to match its own.