Frequently Asked Questions

Semi-precious gemstones and crystals:

Each mined gemstone has a unique composition that can never be duplicated. Your piece will vary in slight differences in a variety of ways: color saturation, hue, tone, banding and matrix.

Your gemstones will always adhere to strict quality control and will be one of the finest specimens, mined from different locations for purposes of high quality.

We have a "high variability" notice on the crystal styles that have significant differences in each piece. Lace Agates, Labradorites and other crystals are examples. You will receive a random high quality piece, or we would be pleased to show you the exact pieces we have in stock.

We only carry 3-5 pieces of each style before hand making the next batch, which sometimes takes anywhere from 1-3 months. If you see a style that is out of stock, you can also pre-purchase it directly from us to custom create the piece for you.

If you would like to see any specific style, just send an email to or contact us.

Can I change the standard size of my stretch bracelet to fit a smaller/bigger wrist?

All our jewelry pieces are 100% handcrafted by us. If you would like a specific size, just send an email to or contact us with your wrist measurement ready. Please be sure to have your wrist size right for your first order! Our 8mm bracelets are standard 7.5" and the 10mm bracelets are 8.5" since usually they are more masculine. Many with smaller wrists love the 10mm as well, so just let us know your size in the notes section of each order! If you have 8mm or 10mm bead bracelets already, telling us the exact number of beads you normally wear will also provide the perfect fit! We love making bracelets for kids too. 

Can I change the size of my bracelet or necklace after I receive my piece? 

We want you to be 100% happy with your new crystal babies! We would love to help make each item fit you properly from the beginning. As stated in the listings, you should measure your wrist or necklace length prior to ordering since receiving a proper size the first time is much easier and smoother for us both.  In the event it still doesn’t feel right, we can still edit your piece to your proper size.

This will require you to pay shipping both ways, and will require a small $5-$10 resizing fee for the time to remake. 

Chain styles and lengths for layering:

We pride our company for having the ability to layer necklaces easily. You can mix and match crystal energies to have your own vibrational powerhouse! We have chosen the best representation of where we believe the crystal should hang in regard to Chakra energy and what style necklace it looks best as. But we want you to be able to customize any item for free!

Can you swap the necklace style or change the chain length?

Notice our models sometimes have specific pendant styles as longer/shorter than the necklace length show in the listing. They also may have a different style of necklace. We would be happy to SWAP the necklace style or change the length for FREE.

All of our pendants are uni-sex. We have a variety of more masculine style necklaces as well. Just go to this page to choose your style: Chains

After adding the style and size chain to your cart, use the coupon code "ChangeChain" at checkout and the chain will be free.  If you run into any issues just contact me at or message us through contact us

Note: The only necklace we cannot swap for free is Stainless Steel as it is considered an upgrade. You must purchase this in the chain section and I can swap the pendant onto it for you.

What are your necklaces and metal beads (I.E. the metal of the Elizabeth April collection beads) made out of? 

We desire all our crystal styles to be affordable, beautiful and durable. We spent many months perfecting the perfect combo that isn't as expensive as real gold, but is very durable for normal use.

Our necklaces and metal beads have a base metal of brass alloy for its ability to remain extremely strong and highly durable. They have a real 18k gold or real rhodium white gold vermeil on the top. A vermeil is an extremely thick plating of gold. There are 12 microns of gold or white gold! This means if you take good care of them, they should stay shiny and beautiful for a very long time. 

We recommend you do not shower or go in the ocean/pool with our jewelry. Not only for maintaining metal shine, but also for the gemstone. Some crystals can become wet and others are destroyed by water. Please take caution and always clean with a soft cloth. 

Have you ever had an allergy to brass? We recommend you purchase our "Stainless Steel Gold Vermeil or White Gold Vermeil" necklace to swap from the normal brass alloy base. A 304 hypoallergenic surgical steel base is extra durable.. This is 100% about your DNA if you need to wear stainless steel. Stainless will never tarnish, turn green nor create any reaction. 

We have all of our stainless styles available here: Chains 

We can also remove the EA metal bead for FREE for anyone with special metal needs. Just write "no metal bead" in your notes section! 

For swapping to stainless, just email me at or contact here after purchasing your jewelry style and the stainless steel chain of your choice. I will swap the necklace for you! 

Do you use any other metals?

We do use a variety of metals from Stainless Steel to Sterling Silver. These metals will be included in the description. All earring posts will be hypoallergenic and sterling silver. We also hand dip many of our crystals in 24k Gold Electroplating or Rhodium White Gold. All items will have precise details in the listing itself.

We have upgraded ALL the spacers in our 108 bead stretch malas to stainless steel to enjoy a lasting finish and shine!


What if there is a defect?

We personally inspect each piece in the process of it being made. Still, if there are any defects or issues with your item noticed within 14 days of your purchase, just email us at with a photo and description of the issue. You can also message us on FB, IG or contact here.

What if I just changed my mind or want a refund? 

Due to an overwhelming beautiful response and a humbling demand for our designs we are unable to accommodate changes to your order after it has been shipped.  We are a small family owned and operated business and put all our energy into curating authentic crystals, creating unique designs and sending them to new homes across the world.  In order to keep our high standards of quality and fast order fulfillment, we cannot accept returns unless the item received has a defect.  All sales are final.  We thank you for your understanding and supports.

Can you restring my mala or bracelet even if I didn't buy it from you?

We normally love to help with restrings, re-knotting or jewelry repair of most pieces, however, due to overwhelming demand our custom, restring and repair services are currently closed.  As our family owned small business grows we will undoubtedly reopen these services in the future, however we cannot currently accommodate these requests.  

How long does it take for my item to get to me?

We are a family run business, which is expanding, but we are still only a small team that handcrafts each item. 💓 Therefore we only ship a couple times a week to have the time create our unique pieces. There will be 1-4 days processing period before your shipment most days. This is how we are able to still handmake each piece with pure energy and light. We take pride in your order and will have it processed as fast as possible. 

AFTER the order is processed and we have packaged your order with care and intention the shipping speed depends on the method you chose. Shipping speed in the US is 3-5 days via Priority Mail or 7-14 days via First Class. If you purchase $150+, Priority Mail is free, or you can upgrade for $10.50 which includes a free deluxe gift box. 

For International Shipping - the actual price for USPS or UPS will show up in your cart section. 

International Mail Update: We have removed USPS availability for most International customers. UPS is slightly more costly, but it is guaranteed you will receive your item in a timely and safe manner. We have had many issues with USPS International due to Covid, so we have decided to stop using that service.

Please Check our Shipping Policy for more updates and information.

What happens if my order is delayed or says "delivered" but I didn't get it? 

Once your package leaves our studio, it is now the responsibility of the postal service. This is why we always recommend using express or worldwide saver international shipping, or putting insurance on your item. We have shipped thousands of packages and most show up perfectly fine, but if issues do come up, we are here to help!

If you suspect your order is being delayed, is stuck in customs, or there is a problem with delivery, your next step is to put through a claim! This way, we can send you a new item or refund when the claim process is complete.

Here are the links to start a claim if needed:



How will my items be sent to me?

You will receive one Lily Rose brand logo gift bag per high value items like malas. Smaller multiple items will be packaged in one gift bag. If you require more than one bag for smaller multiple items, please let us know on the note section. 

You will receive a free "crystal healing properties" gift card with each crystal that you purchase. These are a great way to remember what your crystal is or to have it included as a gift to a loved one! Our cards are vast and unique and we have given much thought and care into each one of them. 

Our necklaces and earrings will come on a matching gold-foil and marble jewelry card. 

If your order is $150+ you will receive one free deluxe Lily Rose marble gift box and an upgrade to faster Priority shipping! We will sometimes include two boxes with multiple orders. We do not provide a box for each item purchased. If you want more boxes, they are $5 a piece. 

How do I receive a deluxe gift box if my order is below $150? 

Our deluxe Lily Rose magnetic marble print gift box is FREE with any purchase of $150+, along with an upgrade to fast Priority Shipping. If you want a gift box and your order is below $150, you can press the “upgrade to gift box and priority shipping” button at checked for only $10.50! 

Each value of $150+ will include its own gift box. Any items valued under $150, but equaling a total of $150+ order total will be shipped together in one gift box.

You can purchase extra boxes as well for $5 a piece. Just contact us!

Any other discounts or contests?

We are constantly adding discounts and new coupon codes, especially for holidays and occasions! 

We also do a monthly contest and select a winner LIVE on Facebook. As well as contests for customers who tag us on Instagram or leave reviews!

We LOVE contests and we do many of them with our amazingly talented friends from our market events or St. Pete Pier location! Here is an example of our most recent contest/giveaway:

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for real time updates. 

Sending love, light and much gratitude for you being here! There is always a reason for everything and we honor your presence. From our family to yours and with love from Florida USA. 💖