About Us

Lily Rose Jewelry Co was founded out of love, light and energy.  We are a family owned business local to St. Pete Florida. It is our mission to create beautiful, stylish and functional healing jewelry utilizing the extraordinary healing crystals given to us by mother Gaia.

Our journey started over 15 years ago when our passion for energy healing was born.  For years we collected crystals and learned about their power, vibrations and gifts. We utilized them in healing our core and creating a new foundation for our family based out of conscious awareness.

In 2018 we decided to open Lily Rose Jewelry Co. We design and hand-make crystal jewelry featuring 108 bead malas, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more.  It is our goal to create wearable jewelry with the highest quality all natural crystals and metals at the most affordable price possible. At first we planned to only be a web based company sharing our designs to customers across the internet, but in 2019 our local community opened their arms and invited us in. We joined the world of amazing high vibrational events, farmer markets and music festivals in the Tampa Bay Area as a vendor! 

We spent months creating our market booth from scratch using wood for a unique aesthetic and earthly feel. After our booth was complete and we attended our first event, it was clear that this was our passion! We met so many high vibrational individuals who shared their stories with us and created life-long relationships with many of them.

As we grew we decided it was time to create a second and third booth to be able to attend multiple events across the Bay Area!  We formed new relationships and hired a sales team. This opened our journey up to vast new possibilities. 

We also decided to offer free crystal healing workshops in the Tampa Bay Area to help people learn all about crystal healing and the modern science that proves its effectiveness. 

As our team and our passion expands, there are always new opportunities to find us.  We are proud and excited to be chosen as an inaugural vendor at the new St. Pete Pier marketplace. We are also regulars at some of the area’s most popular markets such at Saturday Morning Market and Indie Flea. We even attend incredible large scale events and festivals such as Reggae Rise Up, Enchant Christmas Light Show and Metrocon! 

Check out our market calendar to see where you can find us each week or to get great ideas for activities to attend around the Bay Area every week. 

Our website is always expanding! We have included many of our most popular designs and have an resource of information in our “knowledge” section to help you learn and understand about all things crystal, energy and vibration!

We are so grateful for each person that has purchased a piece of our energetic jewelry or even liked and shared our social media outlets.  Without you, our passion would not be complete.  We look forward to continuing to provide you crystal healing jewelry in new forms and styles for many years to come!

Please come by and see us weekly at the St. Pete Pier Fri, Sat and Sunday, or at our events, if you are in the area. We love to meet beautiful souls and have deep soul touching conversations.  Love and light are free and often accompanied by “the chills” each time. We are also always hiring high vibrational people who have a passion for crystals and energy, so please contact us if you or someone you know is interested in working at our booth/marketplace! 😊🙏🏼❤✨✨

Why handmade?

When shopping hand-made, the piece you purchase is filled with the energy of hard work, hours of inspiration and a part of someone’s soul. Connection is everything and we are so grateful to be able to share the energy of the human spirit, and the sparkle of nature, with you.

Why the name “Lily Rose”?

Lily was my grandmother – a stylish and fearless woman who had the mouth of a sailor and a heart of gold.

She was brave. So brave that she battled cancer and won. Through the eyes of my 4 year old self, gripping the hand of another brave beautiful woman, my mother Rose, I remember the long hard battle. The battle ended in her losing a leg, but gaining more strength and dignity than ever before. As I grew, my favorite time was in the middle of night, when the world was quiet, I would stay at her house and she would pull out her jewelry collection. Drawers and cabinets full of sparkly bobbles and bits would all be displayed on her table in the kitchen. We would take apart the broken pieces, mix the old with the new, and come up with some of the most beautiful creations. Her brave and fearless spirit taught me to reuse, renew and reinvent, not only jewelry, but myself.

 Lily Rose Jewelry Company believes in fierce minds, kind hearts and brave spirits. Wear our jewelry with pride as each piece is hand crafted in Florida using semi-precious stones and natural materials.