The Art of Manifestation

The Law of Attraction

This universal law operates based on the vibrations and resonance that we put out as humans. The law of attraction works similarly to how we manifest things. There are three main elements to kick start this process. First, I will explain how it works. 

The Law of Attraction has no bias, it does not dissect or evaluate you, it does not read your mind to understand why thoughts happen the way they do or the thought process. It simply acts as a system of deliverance. Good or bad, this law will bring into your life what you attract to yourself based on the vibratory resonance that you put out. Aka. your vibe. 

In accumulation, all the quantums that you emanate into your frequency through sound, feeling, thoughts, the air you breathe, the colors you wear, and the emotions you allow will exist as a result of the resonance that you put out. 

‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.’
— Nikola Tesla

How to Manifest

How we attract things to us works on three main levels. First we must feel it with our hearts because the emotion that we put into the manifestation will determine the emotion that will be attracted. Second is visualization, we must be able to see it as detailed as possible. If you want an apartment then visualize the location, the rooms, the kitchen, the color of the cabinets, the floors, every little detail matters. Third, the rhythm in which we speak will affect the power of the vibration and determine the power of the attraction. This combines the heart, throat, and third eye chakra. 

When we manifest, the universe or powers that be do not determine a difference in time. As time is a human concept. So when we speak in terms of I want it is doing more harm than good. Want is a term of need, it comes from a place of lack. When we say I want all the universe hears is that you are in lack and respond in lack. I want love only shows that you are lacking in love. So to manifest love, we must say I am love. For I am are the words of creation. I am, so I am. 

I am love. I am abundance. I am gratitude. 

Lastly, we must act and believe as if the manifestation has already happened. When we begin to embody what we ask for, and begin to work towards what we want, we show that this is truly what we want. This is the final secret that is missed. We cannot attract abundance from our couch. We have to show that we are abundant through our actions. 

Now, not everything will happen perfectly. Throughout this process there will be downfalls, there will be set backs. You have to surrender to the process and know that all that happens is for a reason. There are lessons in the setbacks that will prepare you to achieve the manifestation you are asking for.