Unconditional Self Love Rhodonite Amethyst Satin Spar Selenite 8mm Stretch Bracelet
Unconditional Self Love Rhodonite Amethyst Satin Spar Selenite 8mm Stretch Bracelet
Unconditional Self Love Rhodonite Amethyst Satin Spar Selenite 8mm Stretch Bracelet

Unconditional Self Love Rhodonite Amethyst Satin Spar Selenite 8mm Stretch Bracelet

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A few months ago, we asked our beautiful Lily Rose tribe online what their dream mala/bracelet would do and we received an overwhelming response of amazing answers! We choose a few of the answers that we were pulled to the most. This is one of them. ūüíĖ

Channeled for the frequency of "unconditional self love." 

This design features a beautiful blooming flower vibration with purity, inner child magic and unconditional self-love. When meditating and wearing, talk to your past self, when you needed it the most in life and affirm that "you can and will persevere" and that "you are loved" by the most important one that matters - YOU. This mala will help you bloom into your best self by integrating all versions of you.

Rhodonite stimulate acceptance, forgiveness and unconditional love. It facilitates compassion and clears emotional blockages, increases self-esteem and boosts the vibration of overall life. ¬†It can help you see your inner light. ¬†The name of the stone actually means ‚Äúa rose‚ÄĚ in Greek, which relates to its earthy pale, yet vibrant display of pink hues. Perfect for this blooming flower of self-confidence.

Amethyst is a powerhouse crystal that overall enhances balance. It cleanses and transmutes negative energy all while healing the ongoing growth of your physical, spiritual and emotional body. Used since ancient times, Amethyst has been known as the stone of clarity, providing a peaceful state that brings you to higher levels of consciousness. This crystal will help you get into more meditative states to go deeper into the shadow work needed to align your past, present and future selves.

Bringing these beautiful crystals together is Selenite, aka Satin Spar, which works to cleanse energies, including cleanse the energies of the Rhodonite and Amethyst after all the restorative inner-love work. Selenite is excellent for on going spiritual work, as it brings clarity and awareness to the mind, making it a great conduit to reach the high levels of consciousness needed to make changes that foster powerful self love. 

Extra Energy Boost: This Mala is adorned with a double terminated hexagonal Rose Quartz point pendant and a Lily Rose brand white gold vermeil lotus charm. 

Selenite Healing Properties: Protection from Psychic Attacks and Toxic People, Increase of Mental Awareness, Meditational Guide, Gives Peace in Chaos, Cleanses Energy and Other Crystals, Powerful Spiritual Protector, Angelic Guidance, Strengthens Telepathic Abilities

Learn more about: Selenite crystal healing qualities!

Rhodonite Healing Properties: Stabilizes Emotions, Eases Panic Attacks, Transforms Emotional Foundation, Calms Impatience, Release of Fear and Past Traumas

Learn more about: Rhodonite crystal healing qualities!

Amethyst’s Healing Uses: Increases Spiritual Intuition, Provides Easier Meditational States, Stress and Anxiety Relief, Balances Emotions, Increases Relaxation, Helps Promote Sleep, Balances the Nervous System

Learn more about: Amethyst crystal healing qualities!


Origin of Stone Africa, Brazil, Madagascar
Bead Size 8mm
Bead Finish Polished Round
Bracelet Size
Approx. 7.5" Standard 

This stretch bracelet is an original design, handcrafted by us using genuine high quality semi-precious gemstones. Our stones are 100% genuine and of the finest quality. If you need another size, please contact us with your wrist measurement. 

Gemstones may vary. Necklace style and chain length are customizable. Want shipping/packaging info? Click here for more information.

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Barbara R.
Sweden Sweden

Dear Sarah, I wanted to write to you. I received the order on time, (last day :) ) and I love them! they are beautiful, and I can see in crystalls how full of energy they are. THank you so so much, sending much love and light!!

Deonna C.
United States United States

So sweet pretty

Just looking at this piece makes me feel loved! I feel like I have a blanket hugging me when I wear her.