Lava & Black Onyx Couples Bracelet 6mm Stretch Matching Set
Lava & Black Onyx Couples Bracelet 6mm Stretch Matching Set
Lava & Black Onyx Couples Bracelet 6mm Stretch Matching Set

Lava & Black Onyx Couples Bracelet 6mm Stretch Matching Set

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Our couples bracelets were made with the intention of unity, love and completion. They can be worn as a stacker set for yourself, or shared with your partner, best friend, family member or lover. We can even size one to give to your child. Just email us their wrist size and preferred gemstone.

Each bracelet has one gemstone of the other bracelet, meaning you will always have a piece of each other no matter how far apart you are.

When wearing two bracelets by yourself, it symbolizes that you are your own warrior! There will always be duality, but you love yourself through and through. 

Known as the “warrior stone" Black Onyx is so powerful that it is a great companion when you are facing any emotional turmoil or taking spiritual journeys. It aids in protection against any negativity. 

Lava is not only the oldest stone found in the world; it also embodies the explosive strength of a volcano for all time. Once the lava cools and dries, we are left with these beautiful unique black porous balls. As an extra benefit of Lava Stones, you can drop your favorite essential oils directly onto the stones.

Black Onyx Healing Properties: Absorbing Negative Energy, Transforming into Positivity, Stamina Increase, Strength Booster, Emotional Support, Powerful Protection, Development of Healthy Emotions

Lava Healing Properties: Calms Emotions, Stabilizes Root Chakra, Brings Natural Anxiety Relief, Essential Oil Diffuser, Enhances Security, Combats Depression, Helps Mental Distress, Encourages Positivity, Brings Intense Yet Calm Energy

Origin of Stone Brazil, New Mexico
Bead Size 6mm
Bead Finish Polished Round
Bracelet Size
Approx. 7.5" Standard 

This stretch bracelet is an original design, handcrafted by us using genuine high quality semi-precious gemstones. Our stones are 100% genuine and of the finest quality. If you need another size, please contact us with your wrist measurement. 

Gemstones may vary. Necklace style and chain length are customizable. Want shipping/packaging info? Click here for more information.