Sarah Simoncini


Founder, CEO, Crystal Healing Specialist, Jeweler, Social Media Specialist, Reiki Healer, Dedicated Homeschool Mama, Starseed, and Empath
Lily Rose Jewelry Co

Jewelry has been in my blood since I was 4 years old.  I would spend late nights with my Grandma (Lily) going through her jewelry, taking things apart and crafting new unique pieces. I started my first successful jewelry business when I was 13 with help from my mom (Rose.) It was heavily web and eBay based and quickly became very popular. I decided to sell my first company when I was 29 just before my first son was born.  
Becoming a mama was the greatest gift I have ever received. My children are my world and I was so grateful for the 4 wonderful years I spent with them as a stay at home mom. Shortly after my first son was born my husband Joe and myself started to awaken to this incredible reality of energy, crystals and spirituality! This quickly became our passion and we decided to use our knowledge and gifts to help others to use these amazing tools from the universe.

We created Lily Rose Jewelry Co and designed our jewelry with the purpose and intention of bring crystal healing to people in the form of beautiful and functional jewelry. Check out our "about us" page for the reason behind the name "Lily Rose" and also how we create our booth and jewelry; our locations and more!

Since beginning this journey in 2018 we have touched so many souls and have learned so much too. Our favorite part of this experience is meeting and interacting with the amazing high vibrational people we now called friends.  Connection and love in this world is everything. Selling jewelry from our booth at markets is so fun and fulfilling. We love to be in nature at all the incredible events throughout Tampa Bay.

When I’m not making Jewelry, running our social media or at our booth I am at home with my two beautiful boys, Maddox and Atlas. We are a homeschool family and we love to show them the magic and excitement of this beautiful universe. They also benefit from watching us create and expand our passion in this business.

Come see me at one of our events or say hello on social media!  I’m always available and would love to connect and help in anyway I can.

Love and light - Sarah