Mallory Shortway


Pier Sales Team Member
Lily Rose Jewelry Co

“Your struggles are meant to shape you for your purpose” - Chadwick Bozeman. A soul that seemed to have left too soon had accomplished so much; spread joy to millions, spoke to uplift, and expressed his love through his work.

I am blessed to have the opportunity to work with Lily Rose Jewelry Co so I may voice my knowledge and love for all those seeking supportive vibrations when life obstacles seem tiresome. Working with crystals has helped tether me to an overwhelmingly supportive community, where we can express ourselves in times of healing. Lily Rose Jewelry Co not only provides pieces of self expression, through high quality vibrations of their hand selected crystals, but also the love and energy they put into their pieces so the community may feel their support. I’m beyond blessed and ecstatic to begin my journey with such beautiful individuals and I can’t wait to extend these vibrations throughout our community as well as all who travel to our beautiful city.

May joy, abundance, and peace find you.