Jason "The Doctor"

Dr Jason 

Crystal Doctor and Creation Specialist
Lily Rose Jewelry Co

The man, the myth, the legend! Dr. Jason is a dedicated father and one of Lily Rose's own crystal creation specialists. He is know as "The Doctor" or "Dr. Jason" because of his amazing abilities to create and fix jewelry so quickly.  Dr. Jason has an unbelievable skill in pairing stones together to create beautiful and energetically complimentary pieces.  

Although The Doctor doesn't make many public appearances at our markets or locations, you can feel his presence and skills throughout your experience.  Like a yeti, you might just get lucky enough to catch a glimpse of him one day with a mysterious dark beard creating magic behind our booth.


Jason has been my friend for over 20+ years! We met in school and have kept in contact all these years. I was shocked when he wanted to learn about crystal healing. Joe did a mini-crystal healing class for him in our home and he has been addicted ever since! We actually became very overwhelmed with the amount of jewelry that we had to make for markets and Jason came in at the perfect moment to take away our anxiety. It turned out that he was a magician at creating beautiful jewelry styles and he has an extreme talent for it as well! I very much look forward to the future and I am very grateful for his constant help and support. - Love, Sarah