8mm Elizabeth April New Earth Physical AWAKEN Limited Edition Stretch Bracelet
8mm Elizabeth April New Earth Physical AWAKEN Limited Edition Stretch Bracelet
8mm Elizabeth April New Earth Physical AWAKEN Limited Edition Stretch Bracelet
8mm Elizabeth April New Earth Physical AWAKEN Limited Edition Stretch Bracelet
8mm Elizabeth April New Earth Physical AWAKEN Limited Edition Stretch Bracelet
8mm Elizabeth April New Earth Physical AWAKEN Limited Edition Stretch Bracelet
8mm Elizabeth April New Earth Physical AWAKEN Limited Edition Stretch Bracelet
8mm Elizabeth April New Earth Physical AWAKEN Limited Edition Stretch Bracelet
8mm Elizabeth April New Earth Physical AWAKEN Limited Edition Stretch Bracelet
8mm Elizabeth April New Earth Physical AWAKEN Limited Edition Stretch Bracelet

8mm Elizabeth April New Earth Physical AWAKEN Limited Edition Stretch Bracelet

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The Limited Edition Elizabeth April NEW EARTH Channeled Bracelets are here! 

These beautiful bracelets were created as a follow up to our Awaken and Species Cosmic collaboration. We have TWO special bracelets with very specific properties: The New Earth Physical and New Earth Spiritual bracelets. 

Welcome to the New Earth beautiful being of light! Are you ready for an extremely powerful tool that will help you usher in the New Earth frequencies with more grace, intention and ease? We have created these bracelets as a way to help with PHYSICAL and SPIRITUAL ascension symptoms. Originally made with a vision of one on each wrist, this listing will go into detail about the physical (Blue Apatite) version of the bracelet. 

Check out the New Earth Spiritual Bracelet here to read all about the incredible psychic dream which linked EA and us with a brand new crystal (Dendritic Opal) which helps you with the spiritual ascension of the New Earth frequencies.

The specific beads in each of these bracelets are the highest AA grade beads we could find, chosen from a variety of places worldwide. 

Introducing the ultimate New Earth transitioning tool: The EA New Earth Physical Awaken Bracelet! This combo of Kyanite, Shungite, Black Tourmaline and Blue Apatite was curated to specifically help you with the Physical Ascension symptoms of your New Earth transition. Elizabeth April personally channeled this combo, everything down to the placement of the beads for proper energy alignment. She originally wanted the Blue Apatite, Tourmaline, Shungite and Kyanite combo to be a part of her original Awaken bracelet. But we couldn't source the beads just yet. They were too rare, and to hard to get our hands on. We are SUPER excited to finally have them and both realized that synchronicity happens for specific reasons. We came to understand in my visions and in EA's channeling that the delay in these beads happened at the PERFECT time, since the New Earth frequencies were being more integrated on Earth and in the souls of light workers everywhere.

In both New Earth Bracelets, there is the triple combo of Kyanite, Shungite and Black Tourmaline. These are the trio grounding crystals that usher in the ascension enhancement. What makes the bracelets different are the intentional crystals of either Blue Apatite (Physical) or Dendritic Opal (Spiritual.) 

This bracelet with Blue Apatite is specifically focused on your physical ascension symptoms such as body alignment, the New Earth communication paradigm shift, astral exploration, telepathy, grounding, transmuting, protection from EMFs and shielding you in white light.

Featuring a dual sided shiny bead that states "AWAKEN Elizabeth April," this bracelet brings to surface the powerful lessons that reside within. On the other side is her incredible EA sacred geometry logo. Beside the beautiful totem bead you will find two of the highest grade and rare Kyanite beads. Kyanite cleanses all the other crystals, keeping balance and the constant motion of healing intact. It is the crystal of standing in our truth, promoting intuition and empathy, all while transmuting negative energy. Kyanite will amplify your aura, so that you can blast into the astral with more ease and less physical ascension symptoms. 

Beside the Kyanite is a very special high grade Shungite bead. Shungite is known as the "Stone of Life" for good reason. It combats electromagnetic radiation, protects from EMFS and 5G frequencies. It converts toxic matter into plant matter for you to process the constant stream of radiation more organically. Shungite was formed over 2 billion years ago and the discovery of this crystal led to a Nobel Peace Prize in chemistry for the unique composition of "Fullerenes." Fullerenes are a crystalline formation of carbon which contributes to the bulk of the purification and healing properties of Shungite!  

Black Tourmaline is at the back of this bracelet specifically for the added boost of grounding and protection. It serves as a guide through challenging times, and a beacon of light for confronting fears. It is the epitome of transmutation, bringing emotional stability and rational thinking. It protects from the low vibratory energies of people around that would bring down our high vibes. Black Tourmaline is ideal in times of chaos and fear due to it connecting and grounding to the root chakra and earth star chakra under our feet. 

Now onto the star of this New Earth Physical bracelet: Blue Apatite. Blue Apatite is the crystal that connects you to your guides, even without full focus and intention. It will access your most needed guidance and trigger downloads sending you to your highest potential and onto the path of more consistent 5D frequencies. This crystal harmonizes metabolism, boosts the immune system and releases energy from the throat chakra. Blue Apatite is a powerful stone for manifestation because it can enhance and solidify the resonance you put out through your desired manifestations. Blue Apatite will help you be truthful with yourself and awaken your mind to release any pain, anger, or sadness that you may still be holding onto. This will make space for love, joy, and higher thinking.

Watch Elizabeth April channel this bracelet and hear her epic explanation on how the New Earth Physical bracelet literally scans your system, and gives you what you need organically! Tune in at the 4 minute mark below to see this specific bracelet!


Attention: Be ready for a HUGE SHIFT! This bracelet works directly in the vibration of communication with your cells to transition you into the New Earth frequencies! 

Dimension: 5th

What will this Bracelet help you with:

- New Earth Physical Transition
- Ascension to the 5th Dimension
- Physical Body Alignment
- Astral Exploration and Telepathy
- Shifting Communication Paradigms
- Grounding and Transmuting
- Protection from EMFS and 5G
- Shield of Light and Protection

Kyanite Healing Properties: Brings Clarity of Mind, Promotes Intuition and Psychic Abilities, Aids in Connection with Nature, Increases Telepathy, Enhances Empathy, Connects Inner Bridges and Heals Old Wounds, Cleanses Other Crystals, Meditation Guide 

Learn more about: Kyanite crystal healing qualities!

Shungite Healing Properties: Stone of Life, Combats Electromagnetic Radiation, Purifies Aura, Combats Depression, Relieves Anxiety & Stress, Improves Mental Clarity, Removes Negativity, Boosts Vitality, Creativity & Abundance, Protection Against Viruses, Bacteria & Pathogens

Learn more about: Shungite crystal healing qualities!

Apatite Healing Properties: Stone of Manifestation, Increases Acceptance & Unconditional Love, Improves Clarity, Thoughts & Communication, Fights Viruses, Aids in Higher Intellect, Increases Focus, Brings Peace & Harmony, Increases Psychic Abilities

Learn more about: Blue Apatite crystal healing qualities!

Black Tourmaline Healing Properties: Aids in Purification, Cleanses other Crystal Energies, Protects from Negative Energies, Helps with Anger & Anxieties, Increases Grounding and Security

Learn more about: Black Tourmaline crystal healing qualities!

A note about sizing: This is a 8mm bead bracelet. We offer three built in sizes to choose from. The most widely used bracelet is 7.5" Standard Size and we offer 6.5" Extra Small as well as 8.5" Extra Large. We can also do a completely custom size! Simply measure your wrist, as tight or loose as you want it and send us an email or message with your exact size. There is no price difference for custom sizes!

Each bracelet's beach count will vary slightly with the wrist size changes. For example, we will remove or add certain beads to keep it in a natural flow. The photos shown in this listing are the standard size 7.5" bracelets.  

This stretch bracelet is an original design, channeled by Elizabeth April and handcrafted by us using 100% genuine high quality semi-precious gemstones in our Florida Studio. 

Read about Elizabeth April here! 

Gemstones may vary. Necklace style and chain length are customizable. Want shipping/packaging info? Click here for more information.

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Right on time

My daughter was tossing a banana peel out the window and her bracelet flew off her wrist. I ordered this for her in a smaller size as a replacement for Christmas. It arrived 2 days prior and made her day.

Camille S.
United States United States

Gorgeous Bead Combination

I love this little bracelet. The Lily Rose Jewelry staff worked with me to make sure it was the right size and it came out great! Thank you so much.

Indira C.
United States United States

Gorgeous and powerful

Beautiful bracelet stones have a nice weight to them. I definitely felt the energy immediately. Came with clear explanations of the Energetic properties of each stone used in the bracelet. I would purchase again.

Sarah W.
United States United States

Absolutely stunning!

This New Earth Physical Awakening bracelet is stunning. The Blue Apatite and Kyanite beads have the most beautiful shimmer to them! You can actually feel the energy of this bracelet intertwine with yours when you put it on. It feels like it knows exactly where I’m at as far as ascension symptoms, any physical symptoms having to do with my energy being unaligned, or any DNA upgrades and shifts that might have taken place- and it adjusts what it needs to in order for me to get back into alignment quicker. This bracelet truly feels like it knows me, and I love it so much!!

Lily Rose Jewelry Co 8mm Elizabeth April New Earth Physical AWAKEN Limited Edition Stretch Bracelet Review
Jennifer A.
United States United States

Love it!

This is one of the pieces I have been wanting for awhile. I’m so happy that I finally got it!

Louise C.
United States United States

loyal customer

I am happy with all my crystal purchases and buy exclusively from Lily Rose