Unakite Jasper Gemstone Uses & Crystal Healing Properties


  • Emotional Stability
  • Connection to Earth
  • Balancing the Aura
  • Promotes Inner Peace and Calmness
  • Vitalizes Strength and Courage 

Unakite is the stone of vision. It brings clarity to the mind by balancing the right and left hemispheres to harmonize the mind, body, and spirit. It stabilizes the aura and blocks negative energies including electromagnetic frequencies. Unakite vitalizes courage, strength, and assertiveness. This all around healing crystal creates oneness with the Earth, grounding you to all life's healing vibrations. Its healing frequencies harmonize the energies of the body inducing a state of peace, and calmness. It is a rebirth of the soul, helping release all that is no longer in service to your higher path. 


Scorpio: October 23 – November 21

Element: Fire - Earth

Planet: Mars - Venus


To activate this crystal, affirm: I am the vision of life, the voice of love, and the heart of courage. 



Unakite connects to the heart, the most powerful of all chakras. Unakite attunes the heart to the natural pulse of love. This prepares the heart chakra for all that it is to face and to keep energy flowing through the heart. It is also a balancing stone, so it helps balance and align your chakras as the energy flows from Earth through the root chakra up to the heart. It creates an energetic shield to your aura so that it absorbs the negativity, thus preventing those energies to enter your body. That also means that it does need to get cleansed frequently. 


USA, Zimbabwe, Switzerland.

The name Unakite comes from the Unaka Mountains in North Carolina where this jasper was first sighted. 


Use Unakite to stimulate passion for a project that feels like it's becoming stagnant. It will help to refocus your mind, bringing forth new energies and ideas. Also known as the stone of passion, you can use it to overcome jealousy, increase sexual compatibility, and enhance tantric sex. Physically it can increase libido to promote a healthier sex life. It is a symbol of love, and consommation. It is gifted on a wedding night to stand as a symbol of commitment, and place under the pillow to aid in conception. 

Unakite can foster empowerment to aid in overcoming issues of domestic violence, and emotional domination. It will work to help release feelings of shame and guilt around violent sexual experiences. It can also be used to prevent bullying and build confidence. You can use Unakite to foster a healthy relationship based on honesty, and balance. It can also be used to aid in releasing old habits and addictions. Unakite can be used as an electromagnetic shield against computers and phones.

In meditation, Unakite helps bring a calm and harmonious vibe. Giving support to release bad habits and all that may be holding you back. Including emotions of anger, pain, and lack. It helps in revealing issues so that you may be aware of them and put a stop to them before they manifest into something larger.


Unakite balances the metabolic system providing the body with increased energy, strength, vitality, and endurance. It also stimulates the circulatory system aiding in the detoxification of the blood, unclogging the liver, and bile ducts. It tackles blood issues like anemia, heart conditions, and helps in recovery from heart surgeries. By working on the blood it can stop frequent nose bleeds and reduce hemorrhoids. Unakite is great for someone recovering at the hospital to boost their strength, immunity, and speed up recovery. Its ability to support the generation of muscle tissue makes it great for athletes looking for fast recovery. It can also aid in symptoms of epilepsy and gout. Unakite is a stone for passion and love, aiding in the enhanced circulation of fluids that assist in increased libido and fertility. It promotes a healthy and easy pregnancy, while strengthening fetal growth. 


Deeply rooted into the Earth’s vibrations, meditating with Unakite can help access its records and enhance insight into the past and future. It can transmute negative spiritual energy from the past and reveal knowledge on how to access and use spiritual abilities. It is a powerful assistant in the mystical studies of our realms like the Tree of Life, Kundalini, and Sacred Geometry.