Selenite Satin Spar Gemstone Uses & Crystal Healing Properties

Selenite - AKA Satin Spar - The name is a language difference. Most Selenite is transparent and colorless, as Satin Spar is the silky white. For our items, we will refer to them as both names for less confusion as they are both of the Gypsum family. 

  • Cleanses Energies and other Crystals
  • Powerful Spiritual Protector
  • Increases Mental Awareness and Intuition
  • Protects from Psychic Attacks
  • Brings Peace in Chaos
  • Angelic Guidance 

An ideal crystal to any collection, Selenite works to cleanse energies, including cleanse the energies of all other crystals in proximity to it. Reflecting light just like our moon, it gets its name from the Greek Goddess of the moon Selene. Selenite is excellent for spiritual work; it brings clarity and awareness to the mind, making it a great conduit to reach high levels of consciousness and open the mind to receiving divine messages. By working to open the crown chakra, selenite helps a person access angelic guidance from guardians, and the higher self. Selenite helps to boost memory, in seeing the bigger picture, letting go of judgment, and confusion. 


Taurus: April 20 - May 20

Element: Water

Planet: Moon


To activate this crystal, affirm: I am one with myself, and the universe. I accept guidance from my spirit guides. I take in their light. I am the light. 


Crown - Third Eye

Selenite's powerful vibrations and reflection of white light helps it activate and work on the crown chakra, making it a great crystal for spiritual work. Selenite’s vibration works on activating all the higher chakras, including the transpersonal and etheric chakras enabling the carrier to reach higher realms to connect with their guardians. By flowing energy through the higher chakras, a person will release all negativity, feel liberated, purified, and calm. 


India, Madagascar, Morocco, Greece, USA, and Mexico. The highest quality and most powerful comes from Mexico.  


Wearing selenite as a pendant can protect your energy from what we call “energy vampires.” Those are people that tend to drain your energy while you interact with them, either purposely or not. To induce a peaceful and tranquil space, you can place selenite around your home creating a grid for protection. You can do the same on your yoga mat to enhance your practice, and boost balance. Meditating with selenite will put your mind in a state of clarity, while grounding and clearing your body, to prepare your crown chakra for a higher connection with your guides. 

You can also use the Selentie’s cleansing ability to clear or amplify other crystals that you have. All you need to do is wave it over the crystals to clear them, or leave it with your crystals overnight to charge them. You can do the same for your body to cut energetic ties with anyone negative in your life as well as cleanse your own energy. All you do is wave the want around your body, this process is called cord cutting. 


Selenite removes energetic blockages from the physical and etheric body allowing bodily fluid and energies to circulate more freely. This helps in aiding the body to heal on a cellular level. Selenite resembles the body's skeletal structure, making it a good stone to aid in spinal injuries, promoting overall flexibility, and correcting the spinal column. By working on a cellular level, selenite can aid in clearing out heavy metals from the system and reverse the effects of free radicals that age our cells. 


Selenite may be one of the most important tools in any spiritual practice. It is used by channelers to enhance the connection to the spirit realms. It is also used by Reiki practitioners to cleanse and balance the body, while amplifying the energies of the other crystals used in the practice. Energy workers use selenite for cord cutting ceremonies to help break energetic attachments that no longer serve us. When used in meditation it can also help in accessing past and future lives.