Ruby Zoisite Gemstone Uses & Crystal Healing Properties

Ruby Zoisite

  • Increases Confidence
  • Harmonizes the Body
  • Overall Discipline
  • Brings Relaxation 
  • All Around Healer
  • Helps Dream Recall

Ruby Zoisite is a unique mixture that has an uplifting energy bringing a joy made for celebrations. This joyous crystal brings mental clarity, and an uplifting energy that fills the room with laughter, and connectivity. It allows energy to flow freely through the body, enhancing positivity, and bringing joy to the heart, and mind. It replaces anger with love, naturally boosting happiness and giving the courage to start over and renew oneself. This over joyous wellbeing brings a deep spiritual connection. 


Aries: March 21 – April 19

Element: Earth - Fire

Planet: Mars - Venus


To activate this crystal, affirm: I am the transfer of love, joy, and compassion. 


Root - Heart

Ruby Zoisite harmonizes the body by balancing the masculine and feminine energies, which balances the intellectual, emotional, physical, and auric energies. This opens up the heart and releases fears. It also protects the heart chakra building an energetic shield around it to protect from those that would do harm. By opening your heart chakra, you will feel an uplifting energy that will make you more willing to embrace change and explore new experiences. Drawing nurturing energy from Earth to stimulate the root chakra, one will feel higher energy levels, enthusiasm, increased physical strength and endurance. Fostering a sense of self love and security. 


India - Tanzania


Ruby Zoisite brings loving awareness into the life of those that carry it with them. It helps understand life, the beauties of it, and why things are the way they are. It is powerful at stimulating creativity, and bringing back passion that may have been lost. A journey with Ruby Zoisite opens up the heart to forgiveness of others and of the self. Only when we can forgive ourselves, can we begin to fully love ourselves, and begin to forgive others. Making it a powerful play of Heart and Root energies. 


Ruby Zoisite stimulates blood flow and can assist in overall circulation improving brain and heart health. By working on the Root and Heart it helps clear the heart of any blockages. It helps the body digest and absorb nutrients better thus increasing overall immune health to fight against infections. The part of the endocrine system that is stimulated heals all the organs around the heart like the lungs, the surrounding muscles and skin. Therefore aiding in low cholesterol, heart attacks, thymus gland, and the nervous system also affecting eye health. 


Ruby Zoisite can be used to get more in tune with developing spiritual talents. It amplifies the energy field in the body to connect to psychic abilities, and travel deep within. It reminds a person of their humanity, and the importance of their connection to humanity on their spiritual journey. Spiritually it will give a person the courage to dive deep within themselves and face their darkest truths, and blocked pasts. It will help in forgiving those truths with love, and awareness, to help with self love. For accepting the self is the start to understand the true power of the self.