Pyrite Gemstone Uses & Crystal Healing Properties

Pyrite Healing Properties: Symbol of Abundance & Prosperity, Protection from Negative Energy, Blocks Energy Leaks, Helps Environmental Pollution, Promotes Good Health, Emotional Well-being


  • Symbol of Abundance and Prosperity
  • Protection from Negative Energy
  • Blocks Energy Leaks

Pyrite harnesses the energy of the universe within it. Known to be a stone for protection, power, and perseverance. Working to fill the aura with a fiery confidence to pursue your dreams. Its frequency brings mental clarity by balancing the body's hormones to release any unneeded tensions on the journey to success. It is known as one of the most powerful crystals to attract wealth and abundance. It will aid manifestation to new heights while remaining grounded and focused. It opens up the third eye bringing calmness, and intuition. Highly recommended to entrepreneurs, business owners, and creators of any kind. 


Leo: July 23 – August 22

Element: Fire - Earth

Planet: Mars


To activate this crystal, affirm: Abundance flows to me from known and unknown sources. 

Or use this traditional sanskrit mantra for abundance: Om Shrim Klim Laxmi a Namaha. Meaning Universe Attracting Abundance, Honoring the Goddess of Abundance Laxmi. 


Solar Plexus - Sacral

Pyrite energizes the Solar Plexus which is associated with willpower, motivation, life path, trusting oneself, and relationships. This chakra supports vitality, practicality, and balances out the body's extreme energies keeping a person grounded even when surrounded by chaos. Unblocking this center brings forth the willpower to persevere and face the world head on without fear. 

Pyrite also works on the Sacral chakra stimulating energy to flow through the body unlocking the place of sensuality, creativity, and passion. This area boosts the gut brain connection to let energy and information flow freely. Science now shows that the gut has more neurotransmitters than the brain does, making it essential to maximizing thoughts and interconnectedness. When in balance, the Sacral will bring attention to the simple joys in life. Harnessing the power of Pyrite will keep you motivated, and driven, while remaining creative and going with the flow. 


Italy, Spain, Kazakhstan, United States: Colorado, Illinois, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Montana, Washington. 


Pyrite helps you find your life path by diving deep within yourself to be able to capitalize on your strengths, and weaknesses then take positive action to maximizing your fullest potential. All while keeping your mind focused making it great for business, meetings, interviews, competitions, exams, and creative pursuits. Its frequency will help you overcome any insecurities while keeping a positive outlook that can help you resolve any crisis. Pyrite brings emotional stability and increases will power.

Wearing Pyrite can protect against negative intentions set by others whether intentional or not. It is great to wear around family members or co-workers that always have a difference in opinion as it is able to harmonize the two and assist in finding a common understanding of the subjects. 

In meditation, set the Pyrite on your Solar Plexus and visualize a yellow light shining from that energy center. Feel its warmth flow through your body releasing all worries and fears as it guides you to a state of pure bliss, compassion, and awareness. Coming out of this meditation, harness that power and take affirmative action on the ideas that came to you. Only you can make your dreams come to reality. 


Pyrite works on Solar Plexus and Sacral which affect the areas between the rib cage, and the navel, while stimulating the endocrine, immune, and digestive systems. As well as anything in the lower abdomen including the reproductive organs. Pyrite helps blood and energy flow throughout the body. By moving vital fluids through the body, it harmonizes our entire system boosting the spiritual and physical nervous system. This free flow of energy very highly supports the health of blood in the body. It stimulates the absorption of iron, which increases the production of red blood cells. Making it helpful for conditions like anemia, kidney health, and tissue regeneration. By balancing hormones the body becomes more effective at fighting infections, allergic reactions, and nutritional absorption.


The ancient Incas used Pyrite in meditation and ceremonies of divination. It is a powerful tool to use in ceremonies of manifestation, specifically to bring in wealth and abundance.