Ocean Jasper Gemstone Uses & Crystal Healing Properties

Ocean Jasper Healing Properties: Attracts Wealth, Manifests Opportunity, Supports Heart Health, Prevents Cardiac Illness, Releases Old Habits, Brings Optimism, Boosts Confidence, Adds Sense of Humor, Amplifies Leadership Qualities, Reinforces Creativity and Motivation, Stimulates Vitality, Diminishes Hyperactivity, Soothes Emotional Wounds

Ocean Jasper 

  • The stone of Atlantis
  • Alleviates Stress
  • Cleanses negative energies
  • Stabilizes the aura
  • Increase focus

Ocean Jasper, known as the stone of Atlantis, evolved from the streams of primordial volcanoes. Said to be linked to the lost cities magical knowledge and wisdom. This all around healing crystal creates oneness with the Earth, and her oceans, connecting you to all life's healing vibrations. Its healing frequencies harmonize the energies of the body inducing a state of peace while calming the nervous system. Ocean Jasper starts by helping one confront their problems and take responsibility for them in order to move past them to find a place of empathy and self love. This is a great crystal for counselors, healers, coaches, and teachers. 


Aquarius: January 20 - February 18

Leo: July 23 - August 22

Element: Water

Planet: Mars


To activate this crystal, affirm: I release all that holds me back from my higher potential. I send it off with love, and gratitude for the lessons I have grown from. 


Heart - Sacral

Ocean jasper connects to the heart and sacral, showing us how to live with an open heart filled with compassion, and overflowing with unconditional love. With this heart and sacral opening, there is a balance in the mind, body, and spirit giving a person an overflowing feeling of joy. It can also help balance out the Yin and Yang energies and cleanses the auric body. 



Ocean Jasper is a rare stone that can only be found in Madagascar. It is hard to harvest because it is in a remote location with the only access to it being by boat. 


Ocean Jasper has the ability to reawaken your soul. Going into meditation with it will align your mind, body, and spirit allowing you to feel vibrant, and aware. It is a great stone for contemplation, and interconnectedness. Ocean jasper can help you move on by opening your heart to forgiveness, and releasing harmful thoughts. If you are stressed you can take it out for a walk with you, and let it connect your energies to the vibrations of nature to clear your auric field of all negativity. 


Ocean jasper is a very balancing stone, it helps to realign and cleanse the adrenals bringing hormonal balance to the body. It helps heal internal organs around the heart and gut. It cleanses the lymphatic system to boost immunity, and aids in flatulence by balancing hormones. It can help with thyroid issues by balancing the sodium and iodine levels in the body. It also works on the fluids in the body helping to balance fluid retention and nutritional absorptions of vitamins and minerals. 


Connected to the ancient city of Atlantis, meditating with this stone can help access its records and enhance insight into the past and future. It can transmute negative spiritual energy from the past and reveal knowledge on how to access and use spiritual abilities. Ocean Jasper also aligns a person with the frequency of the universe. It aids one's spiritual journey to break through karmic cycles and ties by stimulating the law of attraction and reciprocity reminding one that what goes around, always comes around, in this life or the next.