Mother of Pearl & Freshwater Pearl Gemstone Uses & Crystal Healing Properties

Mother of Pearl

  • Increases peacefulness
  • Reveals inner beauty and dignity
  • Increases honesty and integrity 
  • Brings out Purity
  • Enhances Self Esteem

Mother of pearl is the material that births a pearl, carrying all the same constituents. It has been revered as a stone of royalty for centuries with sightings of it on tombs of Sumerian royalty. This mother stone carries the healing power of the ocean soothing one's emotions, while bringing a sense of calm, and deep peace. It is known to stimulate the mind, increasing intuition, psychic abilities, and wild imagination. Mother of pearl brings forth a motherly protection by transmuting negative energies into energies of abundance and prosperity. This energy calms any fear or anxiety, while opening a person up to express their love freely. Like a mother, it helps in making decisions with clarity, while increasing organization, and endurance. Its motherly love makes it a great crystal to protect children for all that would do them harm. 


Pisces: February 19 – March 20

Element: Water

Planet: Moon, Neptune


To activate this crystal, affirm: I am at peace with who I am, and all that I am blossoming to become. 


Solar Plexus - Throat

Mother of pearl will nurture your solar plexus energy to trust in itself, and to always follow your instincts. It will serve as a guide to reveal your inner potentials, and show you how to utilize them. It works on the throat chakra to help you use that new found potential, and to share your wisdom with all that need it. This will nurture strong relationships based on truth, trust, loyalty, and integrity. By stimulating the solar plexus and the throat, you will be able to trust your gut in speaking your truth resulting in a total flow of energy from all your chakras, bringing balance, calmness, and harmony. 




Known as the ‘matrix of life’ for its elegance, and ability to balance the body's rhythms into harmony. Wearing the mother of pearl balances your energies and nurtures you into a deep calm, while reducing stress, and aggressiveness. It will soothe your emotions to aid in expressing thoughts from a place of care, and love. You can use the mother of pearl to harmonize positive and negative feelings in the body, helping separate and balance out mixed emotions. This brings a sense of personal understanding; relieving stress, anxiety, and tension. The calmness and balance you get from the mother will allow you to move forward in life with confidence, helping you overcome any obstacle, and attract prosperity. 

Call upon the mother when having difficulties in a relationship to help in balancing emotions, to make you more sensitive to the emotions of your partner, while expressing your feelings without fear. Helping bring you closer to your loved ones. You can also get pearl powder for use as a supplement to regulate mood, and bring a feeling of tranquility. Similarly to wearing it. 


Mother of pearl is rich in electrolytes like magnesium and calcium, also rich in silica and amino acids. The vibrations emitted by this organic shell balance deficiencies of these very minerals in the physical body. Magnesium and calcium help with the digestive tract, vision, brain, and bone health; Easing conditions like osteoporosis, and arthritis. Silica helps with skin health, improving conditions like cirrhosis, reducing wrinkling, scarring, and pimples. Amino acids help with the utilization, and absorption of protein into the body helping with the muscular system, skin, and brain health. Black mother of pearl is a protective energy that works to boost strength and immunity.


Mother of pearl will connect you to the spirit of the ocean, to tap into your feminine energy and bring forth the goddess within. In meditation it will help you access primordial memories from the beginning of existence just as the oceans have been here for millions of years. Paired with a record keeper crystal, The mother will help you access old memories, recall your dreams, and accept the changes to come.