Moss Agate Gemstone Uses & Crystal Healing Properties

Moss Agate

  • Attracts abundance in wealth
  • Improves self esteem
  • Develops strength
  • Solidifies new friendships
  • Releases stress and fear
  • Encourages trust
  • Balances the brain

Moss agate is known as a growth crystal, it attracts abundance of all forms, bringing wealth, and prosperity to new business and financial institutions. Throughout history it has been used to stimulate the growth of agriculture. Similarly it can help with the growth and transformation of a person. It helps to refresh the self and aids in finding the inner beauty by opening your heart like a lotus flower. Moss agate carries the power to create oneness with the collective consciousness, linking you to all life on Earth and putting you on a path of spiritual growth and inner stability. 


Virgo: August 23 - September 22

Aquarius: January 21 - February 20

Element: Earth

Planet: Moon


To activate this crystal, affirm: I am on a path of gradual growth, I am divinely guided on my journey of life, I am abundant in love, health, and wealth. 



Moss agate is connected with the heart chakra. It can be used to rebalance and remove blockages in the heart, to help us go within and understand our emotional needs. When the heart chakra is out of balance, a person can feel controlled, or entrapped and may become critical and shut off from receiving love, as well as giving it. This may lead to emotional instability. Moss agate helps in balancing the heart, and connecting us to Earth's magnetic field, helping us find balance within our hearts, and embrace the love we deserve. It helps harmonize the Yin and Yang so that we can understand the nature of change, and easily accept the ebbs and flows of life. 


India, Brazil, Uruguay, Central Europe, Western United States, and Yemen.


Moss agate will help you let go of fear and stress to make space for growth, Making it an ideal crystal when embarking on a new business venture as it also attracts wealth. Set your intention to complete a goal with your moss agate and it will magnify the energy of that manifestation. If you are working with partners or in a group setting it is a good stone to help you get along with others by keeping you in an optimistic place by balancing your brain and emotions. If you are a gardener or in agriculture it will stimulate bodily strength, and endurance while doing the same for the plants resulting in a more effective growth and harvest. You can plant it in a pot or flower bed to increase the health of the plant and ensure the success of the new crop. Moss agate is a powerful mood stabilizer making it helpful for people with mood swings, and have an affinity to attract emotional drama. It aids in promoting patience, and inner calm to deal with such situations. 


The magnetic pull of moss agate helps enhance the senses of the neuronal activity therefore eliminating brain imbalances, and depression, while stimulating concentration, perception, and the analytical brain. Moss agate is also helpful for the circulatory and elimination systems so it helps speed up recovery, reduce inflammation, relieve gastritis, and eliminate toxins. Being a stone for new beginnings, moss agate is powerful for use by midwives to lessen pain and ensure a smooth delivery, while giving energy to the child for strength, development, and creation. Its ability to stimulate the circulatory and elimination system also enhances the immune system making it great at helping with infections, high fever, colds and flu.


Moss agate honors the Earth Mother Goddess, Gaia, known to have been born from emptiness of space, and the first to appear in the process of creation, she is honored as Earth within itself. Which makes sense as to why moss agate is used in agriculture, and to encourage successful harvests. With the ability to connect us to the oneness of consciousness it is able to open up lines of communication with nature spirits, and reveal to us that the Earth itself is a living being. By encouraging us to become in touch with Spirit, it aids us in fulfilling our Karmic paths, and puts us in alignment with our higher self. It is said that Native Americans used moss agate to predict and control weather patterns.