Moonstone Gemstone Uses & Crystal Healing Properties

Moonstone Research

  • Inner growth and strength
  • Stabilize emotions
  • Enhance intuition
  • Promotes inspiration 
  • Soothes emotional stress

The moon is the mandala of the sky, illuminating our world in the dark. Just as it illuminates the world, it has the power to illuminate us from the inside, to guide us on our inward journey, taking us deep within to find the parts of us that we have forgotten. A stone for new beginnings, it will guide in determining the things in your life that you need, and let go of the things that you want. This is a perfect stone if you are in a phase of instability. Just as the moon pushes and pulls the tides of our ocean and has many phases, this stone will push out negative emotions, and pull forth positive ones showing you that you can shine in all phases of your life. We can call upon our moonstone to get in touch with the inner goddess, to learn how to love openly, to flow in trust with the universal energy, to illuminate the light in the darkness, and to trust in the miracles of life and infinite possibilities. 


Cancer: June 21 - July 21

Libra: September 23 - October 23

Scorpio: October 24 - November 22

Element: Water

Planet: Moon


To activate this crystal, affirm: I am divinely guided, I lead with my heart, I will trust my eye, I am the universe, I am the goddess within. 


Heart - Third Eye - Crown

Moonstone works on the higher chakras of the body, known as the heavenly chakras. Opening the heart, connecting to the third eye, and the projecting with your crown. It helps you to calm and release your stresses and opens you to all forms of love. The heart is the source of our divinity. The Peach Moonstone opens up our heart making us more receptive to love, feelings, and our universal connectivity. The blue shine on the rainbow white moonstone is an activation and connection of the third eye, it allows us to lead with our heart, and be guided by our higher self. The white glimmer of the moonstone opens our crown to our oneness with God and the universe, peace, and divine wisdom. This stone stimulates Kundalini energy and carnal desires of love and eroticism. By stimulating Kundalini energy, this stone cleanses all negativity from our chakras, thus balancing our physical, emotional, and magnetic bodies. 


Sri Lanka, India, Switzerland, Myanmar, Brazil, Norway, USA, Australia, Germany, Tanzania, India, and Madagascar.


Living in a busy hectic structure of life, the moonstones remind us to let go of material desires and go with the flow in trust with the universe. For only by letting go, can we find our inner path and reveal the journey that we are meant to be on. It is a great crystal to use for new lovers beginning their journey together, or to help reunite lovers that have parted from each other on bad terms. When embarking on a new journey, set an intention with your moon stone, it will aid you in achieving your goals, reaching your aspirations, and manifesting your dreams with the connectivity to divine guidance. 

Used in meditation, it helps to clear the mind (third eye), center your connectivity to spirit (heart) and receive divine guidance (crown). When placed at the center of the chin in meditation, the moonstone can help identify negative patterns rooted deep in the subconscious, to help release and understand them. Usually opening you up to new passions, and bringing confidence and composure to your life.

Though the moonstone gets you in touch with the divine feminine, in no way is it a stone for women alone. This stone can help men become in tune with their inner divine feminine for we all have both masculine and feminine energy. For a man, this will help them activate the part of their brain that encourages non linear thinking, and promote emotional balance. It can aid men in releasing the need to control every aspect of life and learn to go with the flow for a change. 


Working with the element of water and the power of the moon, the moonstone is able to balance the hormones of the body and regulate the normal rhythms of our biological systems. Just as the moon goes through different phases in life, so does the body, this stone is perfect to aid in balancing hormones for times of hormonal change like puberty or menopause. It is a powerful stone for new beginnings that aids the reproductive system, enhances fertility and promotes a smoother pregnancy and childbirth. We are about 70% water, just as the moon moves the water in our ocean, the moonstone moves the water in our body, thus being able to regulate the digestive system, the absorption of nutrients, and retention of fluids. All which aid in preventing conditions in the skin, hair, eyes, liver, and pancreas. 


The moonstone has long been revered to its connection to the moon, wielding the power of the moon itself. It is said that beneath the moon stone lies secrets of its power, just as so, by wearing it alone it would reveal the secrets of a person's inner power. A talisman of the inward journey, it reveals to us the parts of the soul that have been long forgotten, assisting us in our awakening. Spiritual masters revere the moonstone as it aids in the denial of ego, helping to detach from material desires, and putting us in tune with spirit. It is a powerful stone to use in meditation, to enter into a past life regression, and bring forth unknown trauma. By doing so we begin to break the karmic cycle that may have held us back.

Known as the traveler's stone, it is believed that the Sioux Goddess Hanwi, guards her people in the night and protects them from negative energies. It is believed that it gives protection to anyone that is traveling at night, or by boat. Having this in the car or on your body would work to protect against drunk drivers, road rage, and any type of traveling turbulence. 

A moonstone when attuned, can provide a powerful barrier spell to the room or body it is placed. It would protect from any and all negative forces, spirits, and frequencies. Reflecting them back at whomever sent them your way. When embarking on a new journey, and you sense many “haters” and jealousy coming at you. Use the moonstone to protect you and filter out the negativity. All while reminding you to forget the negativity, and focus on the beautiful aspects of life. 

The moonstone honors the Welsh Goddess of inspiration and knowledge Cerridwen, ruler of gifts, prophecy, magic, death, and rebirth: the guardian of spiritual transformation. By using it, and activating our Kundalini energy, we can tap into our inner Goddess and access our power and abilities of clairvoyance.