Kiwi Jasper Gemstone Uses & Crystal Healing Properties

Kiwi Jasper

  • Brings Tranquility
  • Aids in Releasing Addictions and Compulsions 
  • Enhances Emotional Strength 

The nurturing effect of Kiwi Jasper makes it great for stressful times inducing a feeling of tranquility, peacefulness, and relaxation. It brings inner harmony and balance by attuning the body to Earth’s vibration resulting in an elevated and more stabilized mental state. This enhances emotional strength to prepare you in facing reality, including letting go of things that no longer serve you specifically addictions and compulsive behaviors. The effects of this stone makes it powerful to be used by people that constantly have to give their energy while keeping their heart open like healers, counselors, or therapists.


Aries: March 21 – April 19

Leo: July 23 – August 22

Sagittarius: November 22 – December 21

Element: Fire

Planet: Earth


To activate this crystal, affirm: I release all that no longer serves me. I allow the love of mother Gaia to flow through me. I am prepared for all that is to come. 



By drawing energy straight from the heart of the Earth, Kiwi Jasper attunes the heart to the natural pulse of love. This prepares the heart chakra for all that it is to face and to keep energy flowing through the heart. It is also a balancing stone, so it helps balance and align your chakras as the energy flows from Earth through the root chakra up to the heart. It creates an energetic shield to your aura so that it absorbs the negativity. Thus preventing those energies to enter your body. That also means that it does need to get cleansed frequently. 


New Zealand


Kiwi Jasper is a very vibrant and stimulating stone. By harmonizing the heart's rhythm, it shifts the carrier's attitude to life, adjusting the mindset, and regulating the mood. All making it a great crystal for times of transformation, because it prepares a person to overcome any barriers they are to face. It is a perfect stone to wear to help open the heart to giving or receiving. In meditation, Kiwi Jasper will cleanse the aura and help balance out the Yin and Yang energies bringing that feeling of pure tranquility and love making you feel whole again. Also works great for people in therapy or counseling that are trying to overcome any sort of addiction, or negative habits. 


Kiwi Jasper is a great overall healing stone because it has the capacity to open up a person's heart and harmonize the vibration of the body. By allowing energy to flow it helps release tensions, and pains in the body. Its balancing effects on the energetic level helps balance the electrolyte and mineral content of the body. Use it when hospitalized to aid in a faster healing by allowing energy to flow and release from the body. 


A great stone for transformative times, Kiwi Jasper is used in crystal healing to help put the physical, emotional and mental body in alignment to prepare it for out of body experiences. It is also used to aid in dream recall, and shamanic journeys.