Fluorite Gemstone Uses & Crystal Healing Properties

Fluorite Healing Properties: Boosts Confidence, Gives Order to Chaos, Opens the Third Eye, Aids in Spiritual Expansion, Transmutes Electromagnetic Smog, Amplifies Positive Energy, Increases Clarity of Thought, Prevents Existential Burnout, Purifies the Heart Chakra, Helps Discover Divine Purpose


  • Boosts Confidence
  • Transmutes Electromagnetic Smog
  • Amplifies Positive Energy
  • Increases Clarity

Fluorite is the Genius stone, working on all higher chakras of the body. It stimulates the brain's electrical charge stimulating neurotransmitters to work more effectively while balancing the left and right hemispheres of the brain. This mind expanding crystal brings clarity of mind, boosts memory retention, and aids in concentration. It unifies the mental, spiritual, and psychic bodies to act in unison. This is a great crystal for anyone looking to boost mental acuity. Recommended to high thinkers like researchers, lawyers, and doctors. 


Capricorn: December 22 – January 19

Pisces: February 19 – March 20

Element: Air - Water

Planet: Neptune


To activate this crystal, affirm: With divine guidance, I lead with my heart, I speak my truth, I expand my mind. 


Crown - Third Eye - Throat - Heart

This is the miracle crystal to enhance a spiritual journey because it stimulates all of the divine chakras from the heart and up. By opening the heart chakra it allows a person to lead with their heart with an overflow of love and compassion. The throat chakra is a master energy release because it can release stagnant energy from all chakras by simply speaking one's truth. The third eye maintains a calm mind, while acting with intuition in harmony with the higher self. The crown chakra allows for all that harmony to be harnessed into connection with divine guidance. The combination of these 4 chakras teaches to lead with the heart, speak truth from a place of love, while holding a deeper understanding of love and compassion, and channeling it all with divine guidance and unconditional love. 


China, Peru, Brazil, the UK, USA, and Canada.

Our Fluorite is hand-selected from the Thunder Bay District in Canada. This type of Fluorite is an attractive vitreous luster and luminous bands of color including varieties of green, purple, blue and white. Our variety closely resembles the highly praised “Blue John,” especially in our hexagonal double terminated point pendant. The “Blue John” deposits are only from Derbyshire England, and have been nearly exhausted, making them highly praised and valuable.


This is the high thinkers stone, it brings clarity of mind, increases concentration, improves memorization, as well as retaining information. Use this as a key tool for studying. This crystal helps increase intelligence and open the mind to all possibilities and perspectives. Helping to dig deep into a subject, and brings awareness to relate concepts across the board into bridging the gap between different ideologies. It can be used as an everyday stone to enhance focus and balance in meditation, yoga, or overall fitness. 

In meditation, fluorite brings a deep sense of clarity and stillness of mind. This state brings forth visions, and sheds light on deep rooted revelations. You can set an intention with this crystal, however it will only reveal to you what your mind is ready to receive and comprehend. 


Fluorite works to harmonize the body bringing anything that is out of balance back into homeostasis. It boosts the immune system, stimulates the regeneration of cells, promotes healthy DNA, works as an antiviral, and reduces inflammation. By stimulating and balancing the brain's electrical charges it can help in all sorts of brain disorders from headaches, migraines, anxiety disorders, vertigo, memory loss and more. 


Amongst the most powerful connectors to the spiritual realm. This crystal honors the ancient Goddesses of wisdom, Minerva and Sophia. Meditation with this multidimensional crystal allows a person to dive deep into other dimensions, including the dimensions within. Helps us explore the unexplored while retaining all of the memory. It can be used in past life regressions, astral travel, lucid dreaming, connecting to angelic realms, and inner spiritual work.