Citrine Gemstone Uses & Crystal Healing Properties


  • Radiates Good Energy
  • Stimulates Mental Focus
  • Stabilizes Emotions 
  • Increases Mental Awareness
  • Combats Depression and Anxiety 
  • Acquiring Success and Wealth
  • Heals Digestive Disorders

Citrine is a purely positive crystal with a bright, bold energy. It is known as the Stone of Summer, denoting that beautiful warm, energetic sunny feeling even in the coldest of winters or the darkest of days. There is an immediately uplifting feeling when harnessing the power of Citrine. This crystal is a variation of Quartz and gets its gorgeous color from iron deposits. It can range from light lemon yellow to darker amber and even smoky at times. The highest grades of natural Citrine usually come from the lush rainforests of Brazil and contain flashy rainbows, phantoms and complex inclusions that one can get lost in. Citrine kicks fear, negativity and stress out the door and allows one to manifest their desires quickly. Everyone deserves to feel the instant beneficial and abundant energy that this mesmerizing crystal gives.


  • ALL signs
  • Element: Air
  • Planet: Jupiter 


Solar Plexus - Sacral - Crown

Citrine works on the solar plexus chakra, activating the gut energy meridians. This guides in activating creativity, decisiveness, and trust in one’s self and personal power. Pure citrine has the ability to connect the sacral, then solar plexus to the crown chakra thus stimulating the energy channels opening you up to divine intuition, creativity, imagination, and the ability to transform dreams into reality by calling the soul into action. This raises self esteem, boosts confidence, and increases motivation while enhancing concentration on a person's deepest desires. 


Brazil, Madagascar, Scotland 



In the past, Citrine was also known as the "Merchant Stone" since it was used in business practices and kept in cash boxes. Citrine can definitely be used to manifest more wealth and prosperity. It is an amazing crystal that will surely increase your cash flow if that is your main intention. You can manifest monetary gain, but the abundance also comes in the form of a stronger physical sense, an increase of happy vibes, child-like wonder and the reminder of your personal power that no one can ever take away. Self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence will flow more freely when using this bright stone of energetic joy. 


Citrine works on the sacral and solar plexus chakra that is connected to the immune and digestive system. When in balance this can help your physical body in fighting infections, and promotes all digestive processes including absorption of nutrients, proper metabolism, smoother digestion, and the stimulation of the spleen and pancreas. This in turn aids in thyroid balance, kidney and bladder infections, blood circulation, and constipation. By stimulating the gut it can relieve skin irritations and allergies caused by food and chemical intolerances. 


The golden ray color of Citrine goes deep within the mind and reveals the places of the mystics. By wearing Citrine, it amplifies and protects a person's golden light aura. When light shines on citrine, it clears the area of negative energies. It is powerful to use in amplifying intuition and manifestations because it attunes to life force. It has the ability to project those thoughts and amplify their magnetism with clarity. It is also great to use in transmuting past life trauma because it can bring forth those feelings and give you the sharp clarity to understand them and rework them into a more positive future.

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