Aragonite Gemstone Uses & Crystal Healing Properties


  • Enhanced Connection to Earth
  • Promotes Focus and Concentration
  • Calms, Centers, and Stabilizes 
  • Increases Energy
  • Increases Discipline 

Aragonite enhances connection with the Earth's healing vibrations. It harmonizes the energies of the body inducing a centered state of peace, stability, and balance while bringing geopathic awareness. Its frequency brings mental clarity, focus, and concentration by balancing the body's hormones to release any unneeded tensions on the journey to success.


Capricorn: December 22 – January 19

Element: Earth

Planet: Earth 


To activate this crystal, affirm: Mother Gaia watches over me, and propels me to achieve my higher purpose. 


Root - Solar Plexus

Rekindles the Root chakra, this grounding energy brings a feeling of security, positivity, and divine earthly love. It brings balance to the root stimulating energy flow, and creativity. Its calming energy helps remain calm, and aid anyone on their journey to keep moving forward against all odds. 

The Solar Plexus is associated with willpower, motivation, life path, trusting oneself, and relationships. This chakra supports vitality, practicality, and balances out the body's extreme energies keeping a person grounded even when surrounded by chaos. Unblocking this center brings forth the willpower to persevere and face the world head on without fear. 


U.S., England, Italy, Spain, Austria, Bolivia, Czech Republic


Aragonite helps you find your life path by diving deep within yourself to be able to capitalize on your strengths, and weaknesses then take positive action to maximizing your fullest potential. It brings emotional stability and increases will power to make life improving changes like working with addictions of food, drugs, or bad habits.

In meditation, Aragonite has the ability to awaken your soul. It aligns your mind, body, and spirit to the vibrations of the Earth. It is a great stone for contemplation, and interconnectedness. It can connect your energies to the vibrations of nature all around to clear your auric field of all negativity. 


The stabilizing effect of Aragonite slows the release of stress hormones in the body like cortisol and adrenaline that can throw off the entire balance of the hormonal system. Aragonite is effective in stimulating the reproductive organs to increase fertility, releasing toxins in the body, reducing pain, speeding bone recovery, and aligning the spinal column. 


Deeply rooted into the Earth’s vibrations, meditating with this stone can help access its records and enhance insight into the past and future. It can transmute negative spiritual energy from the past and reveal knowledge on how to access and use spiritual abilities. Aragonite brings courage, honor, loyalty, and strength. It will bring clarity to one’s mind, to be able to set true intentions, and manifest dreams through the spirit realm into reality.